Wednesday, January 25, 2023

For maintenance managers, it's often moment by moment, component by component

Flexible Managers Trade their Favorite Everyday Components for Items They Can Source More Reliably

By Sandia Harrison, Director of Marketing, FPE Automation

Do you like the products you use, but can't afford to wait? FPE Automation's
Brian Einzig took extrusions like these off the shelves and delivered them to a customer
the same day. The result? A very relieved customer was able to resume production
in a matter of hours.

Are you being watched? In today's busy manufacturing sector, the performance of most department heads is being measured. 

It can be intimidating for anyone in charge. However, today's maintenance managers likely feel the pressure more than others. 

While the facility certainly does need to be operating flawlessly at all times, there is simply a lot more to it than statistics, tools, graphs, charts and figures. 

It is a new reality that has been hard for some to accept. Supply chain woes have shifted the playing field a bit. Author Spencer Johnson would say the "cheese has moved".

Some products that were once reliable favorites are now nearly impossible to source. Even if they can be found, lead times are so long that they're simply not an option. 

We're all creatures of habit. When something works well, we are hesitant to change. There is typically a lot at stake. We're seeing a lot of that lately at FPE Automation. Reluctance to switch is a normal human trait. On the other hand, the success stories continue to pour in. The scenario is similar; an individual likes a particular component, but can't get it. The change is not welcomed, at least at first. Realizing that flexibility is key, they make the switch. The new products arrive, and they are happier than ever. 

If you're uncertain, we'd like to encourage you to try something new. 

We believe you'll be glad you did. FPE Automation has the ability to source new products with little or no lead time. Many of the manufacturers of these products are willing to operate on thinner margins or resort to other innovative measures, to get product to your door. A few of the larger manufacturers sometimes are too mired in bureaucracy to keep up.

Keeping things running for you during difficult times is their way of developing new partnerships with companies like yours. 

For some, this will pave the way for them to become the industry leaders of tomorrow. At FPE Automation, we want to assist you in making sure your company is right there with them. 

Rely on FPE Automation. What we do is what you do. 

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