Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Carlo Gavazzi Announces New Line of Fiber Optic Sensors

February 2016. Source: Carlo Gavazzi

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of a new line of Fiber Optic Sensors, including the FA1 Fiber Optic Amplifier, and the FUT and FUR Fiber Optic Cables

The compact, intuitive, and flexible design of the FA1 Fiber Optic Amplifier is ideal for a wide variety of applications. An adjustable signal level, selectable response time, multiple timer functions, and UL508 approval provide the proper features and application flexibility required in industries such as semiconductor and packaging. Two 4-digit LED displays simplify programming, and provide excellent feedback for monitoring application set-up, troubleshooting, and operation.

FA1 Amplifier features include:
Two 4-digit LED display for signal/threshold levels
Adjustable sensitivity via an intuitive 3-way switch
Selectable response time
Different timer functions
100mA NPN or PNP output
Light on and dark on switching
cULus (UL508) approved and CE marked

Along with the FA1 Amplifier, Carlo Gavazzi is launching an entirely new line of fiber optic cables, including the FUR Fiber Optic Cables for reflective applications, and the FUT Fiber Optic Cables for through beam applications. Available in a variety of fiber diameters and head diameters, the new cables are designed to simplify installation in diverse applications. Extended range, right angle head, and multiple sleeve options are also available. Bendable sleeves provide a means to extend the fiber or direct the light beam in installations with unusual mounting restrictions. FUT and FUR cables are currently available in plastic, and glass fiber optic cables will be available later in 2016.

FUR and FUT Fiber Optic Cables features include:
Reflective and through-beam types
Inner diameter: 0.25, 0.5 or 1.0mm
Outer diameter: 2.2 or 1.25mm
Bending radius: 10, 15, 25mm
Over-molding protection
Straight or angled sensing heads
Sleeve length options: 10, 20, 30 or 40cm
Provided with all mounting nuts
2m standard length
The new FA1, FUT, and FUR Fiber Optic Sensors will replace all older versions of plastic fiber optic sensors. For details on products to be phased out, including a cross reference to the new sensors, please refer to the Discontinuation Notice link below.
The Fiber Optics Sensors and Amplifiers are available from FPE Automation.

For more information on The Fiber Optics Amplifiers and Cables, please click on any of the links below:

Monday, February 22, 2016

Win a Robot from Universal Robots

Need a helping hand to get the job done? 

Now you have the chance to win one! Is there a manual process in your production set-up that you believe could benefit from being automated? Then tell UR about it for a chance to win one of three robots. It could be a monotonous task that your employees would only be too happy to swap for one that requires problem solving skills or a task that needs to be carried out faster for you to stay competitive. 

The three winners of a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots will be the ones who can present the tasks most worthy of automation – so make sure you argue well when you tell us why you need a hand!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Introducing the PHD Plus® Series ECP Electric IP69K Cylinder

Hot off the presses from PHD:

PHD is pleased to release the PHD Plus® Series ECP Electric IP69K Cylinder.

PHD series ECP Electric IP69K Cylinders are available in either ball screw or lead screw (polymer nut) versions, providing a wide range of high thrust or high speed capabilities. These performance electric cylinders are designed for food processing and packaging equipment utilized in high pressure/high temperature washdown and clean-in-place (CIP) environments. The Series ECP offers inline or foldback motor configurations and a broad variety of mounting accessories.

Three models are available in three sizes each:

Base Model
  • Designed for applications in high pressure and high temperature washdown environments
  • 300 grade stainless steel body and rod with aluminum head and motor mount
  • Your Motor, Your Way

USDA Certified for Product Splash Zone (-Y8 Option)
  • Designed for food processing industry splash zone and caustic washdown applications
  • All external surfaces are 300 grade stainless steel
  • USDA certified for splash zone environments in all orientations
  • Limited Your Motor, Your Way with USDA certification*

USDA Certified for Product Contact Zone (-Y91 Option)
  • Designed for food processing industry product contact zones requiring caustic washdown
  • All external surfaces are 300 grade stainless steel
  • USDA certified for product contact and over product
  • Includes external rod wiper and sanitary tray for over product applications
  • Limited Your Motor, Your Way with USDA certification*
* USDA Certification from PHD requires an -M Motor Code option with the -Y8 and -Y91 models.

Download/view Series ECP Electric IP69 Cylinders brochure.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Universal Robots: Collaborative Robot Case Study

“The robot has to be as delicate and as sensitive as a human"

This was the challenge Paradigm Electronics in Toronto faced when looking for a robotic solution to handle the finish polishing of loudspeakers. The Canadian manufacturer also needed the robot to operate in tandem with employees, so fencing it was not an option. The collaborative UR robots - or co-bots - met these criteria delivering a 50% production increase.

"The Universal Robot was not only the best for the job, it was also the most cost efficient," concluded John Phillips, Paradigm's Senior Manager of Production Services.

The UR co-bots lowered the automation barrier for Paradigm and continues to get robotics within reach of users not only in manufacturing, but also in industries such as healthcare and agriculture. We're expanding our local presence to better serve these new and existing markets, moving into new locations in Dallas, Southern California and Ann Arbor, Michigan, which will become our new headquarter for Americas.
We look forward to discuss how Universal Robots might optimize your production.

All the best,
Scott Mabie
General Manager of
Universal Robots’ Americas Region

Watch how a UR10 robot in force mode polishes Paradigm speakers:

The UR robots have a built-in, adjustable force mode feature that is easily pre-programmed for specific applications.

“If too much force is applied, the surface heats and the results go the opposite direction to what you’d hoped. Having the ability for the robot to work to a specific force was a huge advantage. We were aware of technologies that allowed for a force feedback system but they were actually as expensive as the entire UR robot." 
~ John Phillips, Senior Manager of Production Services, Paradigm Electronics.

Universal Robots gives Paradigm Electronics these advantages:
  • Productivity increase of 50% with better manufacturing consistency
  • Elimination of bottlenecks in production of labor intensive loudspeakers.
  • Fast implementation with user-friendly programming and set-up
  • Improved work environment with most strenuous polishing tasks now automated 
  • Payback period between 12 and 14 months

A demo at your door

Do you have an automation challenge? Does you production need to be optimized? Do you need to relieve your employees from monotonous and strenuous tasks? If you answer is “yes” to any of these questions, request a demo at your own facility for hands-on insights to how our robots can assist you. FPE Automation has invested in Universal Robots so we can bring one right to your door! Robots are on the road daily, traveling to companies just like yours. Contact FPE to schedule a demo.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Introducing Smart Vision Lights (SVL)

FPE Automation Introduces Smart Vision Lights (SVL)
We're pleased to announce the addition of Smart Vision Lights to our world-class and award-winning product catalog. Think lighting solutions for machine vision applications. Smart Vision Lights delivers more advanced illumination products and specialty lighting. Check them out here.

Some of the latest news from SVL:

Smart Vision Lights’ LLP Backlights Double Intensity

Smart Vision Lights’ Large Light Panel (LLP) backlights are edge-lit backlights that feature four-sided LED illumination for twice the intensity of our original versions. The clear anodized thin profile frame is more industrial than ever. This increased rigidity and improved mounting system offer an advanced rugged design. The LLPs feature a built-in driver with NPN-PNP triggering, analog intensity control, and the ability to run the light in constant or strobe mode. Standard sizing is available from 300mm x 300mm to 1800mm x 1200mm. Custom sizes are also available.

Smart Vision Lights Dome Light Mentioned in Vision Systems Design

A dome light made by Smart Vision Lights was mentioned in a recent article in Vision Systems Design. The article was about a system that St. Louis machine vision company EPIC Systems developed for a major producer of soft drinks that allows 900 6-ounce plastic bottles of fruit juice to be inspected per minute. EPIC used three In-Sight 5600 smart cameras from Cognex in the process, and the DLPW 300 x 300mm flat dome light from Smart Vision Lights enabled the cameras to better view the top of a bottle cap being inspected. 

Want more information about Smart Vision Lights? Contact FPE Automation.