Thursday, August 29, 2019

MiR's RaaS Leasing Option Makes AMRs Affordable and Accessible

Deploying autonomous mobile robots from MiR may be a more attainable goal than you think.

Robots as a Service (RaaS) is a leasing option from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). It allows companies of any size—from small start-ups to multinational enterprises— to deploy mobile robot solutions with low (or no) upfront costs and low monthly payments. RaaS lowers financial barriers for investing in AMRs and gives customers a near immediate return on investment (ROI).

Mobile industrial collaborative robots free workers up to do higher-value tasks. Because they are safe and easy to deploy, their popularity is increasing quickly. Discover why!

Talk to the experts at FPE Automation.

More information about MiR's RaaS leasing program is available here.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

How is Deep Learning Different from Machine Vision?

From OCR to defect detection, deep learning thrives when inspection isn’t clear cut.

Content courtesy of Cognex.

Deep learning technology might seem cutting edge, but it’s a perfect complement to machine vision inspection applications now. In this quick video overview and downloadable eBookCognex explains the differences between the two inspection approaches and when it makes sense to use deep learning or traditional machine vision for your factory automation strategy.

Further, you’ll learn:
  • How deep learning differs from machine vision
  • How deep learning systems learn via neural networks
  • Which types of applications are best suited to deep learning methods
  • How deep learning benefits industrial manufacturing

PDF  Download the eBook

Monday, August 19, 2019

New Date Added! Authorized UR Core Training at FPE Automation


Authorized Universal Robots UR CORE training course at FPE Automation

Tuesday-Wednesday, September 17-18

2-day technical training program. Learn to program, test and repair a Universal Robot collaborative robot (cobot).


Friday, August 16, 2019

FPE Automation Wins Award for #1 PHD Top Performer August 2019 - Congratulations to Steve Moore!

Congratulations to FPE Automation's Steve Moore! 

Steve took the top spot on PHD Inc's Top Performers list in August for an application at a metal stamping plant. Steve worked with the company's production team to present clamps and slides that would handle the 24/7 rugged progressive die stamping environment. Delivery was paramount. Although both the clamp and slide shipping times were in the acceptable range for their build timeline, Steve worked with their applications engineering team to reconfigure the clamps to have switches so they could ship even sooner. 

Clamps and slides alone don't make an impact. They don't win awards on their own. 

Solutions do. 

Effective implementation of these products can make your plant run better. They can make you more productive, more reliable and they can make your products better. Trust FPE Automation and the experts at PHD Inc. to assist you in implementing effective solutions for your business.

Also a winner in August - FPE Automation's Joe Judge appeared on the Top Performers list for his PHD Unique Solutions application in the packaging industry. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Chat is back on!

Live chat is available again on FPE Automation's website.

Real-time, live chat is back on the FPE Automation website!

After a brief break, we've redesigned the chat feature on our site and made it available to you once again. 

What hasn't changed? 

At FPE Automation, we're committed to quality service. What you don't get is a novice. 

We've staffed our chat room with experts who have product knowledge to assist you. You'll see the name of the person assisting you. They will know the answers, or know how to get them for you. 

Who will you be chatting with? 

Experienced members of our tech team. If you've worked with us for a while, you might already know their names. Here are a few examples:

Customer Service Manager
Over 30 years industry experience.
Branch ManagerOver 25 years industry experience.
Value-Added Services Manager
Over 20 years industry experience.

Real time chat with FPE Automation. Visit the website to give it a try!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Universal Robots Training at FPE Automation

Get to Know Your UR

Wednesday, August 14 at FPE Automation in Elk Grove Village.

Have you recently purchased a Universal Robots collaborative robot, or have you decided to do so in the near future? We've got a "Get to Know Your UR" class for you!

This is a regularly scheduled class that FPE Automation offers in various locations. The next one takes place this upcoming Wednesday, August 14.

It's an opportunity to spend hands-on time interacting with the #cobot and learning all about its features. For our valued FPE/UR customers, there is no cost to attend.

If this describes you, don't miss this opportunity to get the most out of your collaborative robot!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

FPE/IMEC Breakfast with the Bots Event in Manufacturing News

FPE Automation and IMEC's Upcoming Breakfast with the Bots at the Danville Area Community College is featured in Midwest Manufacturing News

Midwest Manufacturing News ran an article about FPE Automation/IMEC's Breakfast with the Bots. The event, taking place on August 21, is designed to help manufacturers who are faced with workforce shortages. Robotics can be used to address those challenges. Collaborative robots are designed to work with, and among, employees without the need for costly safety infrastructure. The Breakfast with the Bots workshop will include demonstrations of cobots, and give attendees the opportunity to learn about the many ways cobots can benefit them.

Learn more about Breakfast with the Bots at Danville Area Community Collage on August 21



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