Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Explore Cobot MIG and TIG welding and ActiNAV Bin Picking Live

Automate Your Business

for a better future. 

Collaborative Robotics Automation Conference

Special one-day event. Breakfast provided (am) and lunch provided (pm).

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Morning session: 8:00-11:00 am
Afternoon session: noon-3:00 pm

Automation Within Reach

Discover how to leverage collaborative robots (cobots) to maximize ROI. During this hands-on conference, we will help you find the right process strategy for your enterprise’s automation so that you can become more efficient. Increase productivity, solve labor challenges, reduce margin of error and make your place of business safer, all by implementing cobots.


  • save you money
  • retain workers
  • improve quality
  • increase productivity

Businesses of all sizes are discovering the significant benefits of automation.

Join our expert team for an interactive conversation about collaborative robots and how they can benefit you. Seize the opportunity to see the technology in action with live demos.

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Bring your own part.

MIG/TIG welders: you are invited to bring a part with you. Although our packed agenda doesn’t allow us to test individual items on-site at JWCC, the engineers at Melton Machine or Computech will bring your item back to their state-of-the-art facility with them. After the presentation, they will connect with you to show you a live, proof-of-concept demo of your part being welded by a collaborative robot.

Who should attend?

If MIG or TIG welding is a part of your internal processes and you'd like to know more about where your industry is headed, this special event is an excellent fit for you. We will also have Universal Robots' ActiNav Automated Bin Picking system on display, so members of your team who deal with pick & place operations may also benefit from accompanying you to John Wood Community College on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

Map/Directions to the John Wood Community College Workforce Development Center

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

PHD Releases New GRM0 Series Workholding Clamps

Introducing GMR0 workholding clamps. These compact and lightweight clamps provide the highest force in the industry for a clamp this size. 

The new GMR0 series workholding clamps are an addition to the industry standard GRM family of sheet metal handling clamps from PHD

The larger PHD Series GRM Clamps have a proven reputation for delivering best-in-class performance. GMR0 workholding clamps were designed utilizing similar principles, so you'll get the same, superior results. The simplified design provides fast field maintenance. Hardened impact plates ensure long life and durability. 

These clamps are compact and lightweight while providing the industry’s highest clamp force for their size. At 0.54 lb [0.24 kg] in weight (without tips) they deliver an impressive 135 lb [600 N] of total clamp force. 

The clamp jaws lock in the closed position, so they will hold on to the part even if air pressure is lost due to line rupture or power loss. 

They are available in two jaw styles for application flexibility; Standard (S) and Flange (F). 

These clamps are ideal for robotic crossbar transfer press applications. They are a superior alternative to vacuum cups and magnetic grippers due to their ruggedness, elimination of part slippage, and part retention in the event of air pressure loss. 

Use the GMR0 series workholding clamp wherever size and weight are critical.

Want more information? 


GMR0 series workholding clamps, and all PHD products, are available at FPE Automation.

All PHD Inc. products are available at FPE Automation