Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Outstanding Distributor Achievement Award

Fluid Power Engineering is pleased to announce the receipt of the Outstanding Distributor Achievement Award for 2013 from Carlo Gavazzi!

Left to Right: Mike Meurer from Innovonics, Fluid Power Engineering's Ed Hess and Scott Massie, Bob Sturkey from Carlo Gavazzi and Dave Bardos, President of Fluid Power Engineering.
Fluid Power Engineering President David Bardos, Sales Manager Scott Massie and Automation Controls Division Manager Ed Hess were at FPE Elk Grove Village today to accept the award, along with a rebate check for "dedication, efforts and sales achievement".

Mike Meurer from Innovonics and Bob Sturkey from Carlo Gavazzi presented the award. On behalf of FPE, we'd like to thank Mike, Bob and everyone at Carlo Gavazzi for this recognition.

We would also like to thank Jomy Vadakumpadam and Tom Mathew in FPE's Automation Controls Division for their efforts so far this year. They worked closely with our Solution Specialists to make sure the products met our client's needs. And speaking of Solution Specialists, a well-deserved shout-out goes to Greg Bannister, Art Gesell and Ed Kowalski for exceptional Carlo Gavazzi sales so far this year. Without the effort of everyone involved, this Carlo Gavazzi sales success could not have been achieved.

Friday, June 21, 2013

PHD Series GRV Compact Precision Angular Pneumatic Gripper

PHD's new angular pneumatic grippers received a product review from Design World Magazine Editorial Director Paul Heney. Check out the video!

The Series GRV is a compact, rugged precision gripper available in four sizes that can support large moment capacities and long tooling lengths. The combination of design and features makes the GRV a superior choice for a wide variety of automation applications. A slim design allows ample space for "stacking" grippers in a confined area.

Video transcript:
Published on May 30, 2013 by Design World Magazine
Today, we're looking at PHD Inc.'s new Series GRV Compact Precision Angular Pneumatic Gripper. If it looks somewhat familiar to you, that's because this product is modeled after the company's existing Series GRA Parallel Grippers. This gripper is, as the name implies, compact in size and precise, but it's also rugged. The GRV is offered in 4 different sizes, and it can support large moment capacities and long tooling lengths.

The GRV can be used in a wide variety of automation applications. And the slim design allows plenty space if you want to stack several grippers in a confined area.

This gripper's robust construction means you can expect a long operating life. You can see there are precision dowel pin holes here, that helps in accurate alignment of tooling and gripper mounting.

Internal flow control is standard, which means that no external flow control is required. The units are supplied "switch-ready," for easy integration of optional magnetic position sensing switches. A teachable two-position switch allows multiple positions on small grippers within the profile of the gripper.

There are cleanroom fluoro-elastomer seals and lube options, as well as manifold porting and multiple mounting locations.

For more information on this new gripper including product animations and a catalog, you can visit the company's website, at