Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Laser Marking and Collaborative Robots on Tour

Friday evening, October 14, FPE Automation was in Bartlett with our traveling Universal Robot, sporting a Robotiq gripper.

Panasonic was also generous enough to bring along their laser marking equipment. 

Hundreds of people lined up to see the latest industrial products in action during the live demos. It's great to be a part of the amazing technological advances being made in American manufacturing!


Friday, October 14, 2016

Swivellink Mounting Systems - Live Online Demo


It’s all about positioning.
Design simplicity.

Limitless options.

Quality construction.

There is nothing quite like Swivellink.

Carlo Gavazzi | Cognex | Contrinex | HTM | Leuze | Omron | Panasonic | Piab | Smart Vision Lights


FPE Automation welcomes guest speaker Chris Ridgway of Swivellink.

Join this online session Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm

What you'll see: a live, hands-on demo of Swivellink's most popular arms and mounts, and what's new

What you won't see: Chris Ridgeway's PC desktop!  This isn't a static, canned speech.

Chris will be in his demo shop, assembling mounts, demonstrating how the products work and answering your questions, in person 

The Swivellink mounting system makes mounting machine vision cameras and lighting simple. The adaptability of the product allows us to mount cameras and lights in areas where a custom bracket would
take hours to manufacture and still not have the same flexibility for positioning. Once the brackets are locked down, they are very rigid and will not drift due to vibration on a machine.” – Brian

“I have used Swivellink for several different applications. It really solves problems, especially if I need to mount something at an odd angle. It is very fast to implement, just select the parts and go, no design required, no taking time to machine something! Cost savings too.” – Steve

“The first time I saw Swivellink on a machine I thought “Wow! That’s just what I’ve been looking for!” Every time I show it to one my customers I get either “Where did you get that?!” or “That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been
looking for!” - Wayne


Robotiq Grippers and Force Torque Sensors for Universal Robots

This just in: new Robotiq literature.

Robotiq makes innovative grippers and sensors that work with Universal Robots collaborative robots.

Get the lit! Click on the thumbnails to view/download PDF versions of each. 

2-FINGER 85 & 140

Monday, October 10, 2016

Murr Introduces Emparro: New Single Phase, Switch Mode Power Supplies

Emparro from Murrelektronik 

Murrelektronik presents Emparro, their newest generation of single phase, switch mode power supplies. Murr says, "these units will win you over with their impressive efficiency rating (up to 95%) which keeps power loss to a minimum and lowers energy consumption". 

To learn more about the Emparro family of power supplies, download the Emparro COMPACT flyer or contact us.


Monday, October 3, 2016

FPE Automation: Proud Sponsor of the Sean B 3on3 Tournament

The SeanB 3on3 Basketball Tournament is a community-wide event designed to raise awareness about drug prevention and intervention services within our community. As a result of our event, 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Live4Lali organization who work to prevent and raise awareness of substance use among individuals, families and communities, The Stand Strong Coalition, a community-based group dedicated to preventing underage drinking and drug use in our community, and the Stevenson High School Catalyst Club, a "no-use" group dedicated to the prevention of underage drinking and drug use at Adlai E. Stevenson High School

The SeanB 3on3 Basketball Tournament was founded in 2015 after the passing of Sean Bardos due to prescription drug overdose on October 31st, 2015. He was 25 years old. Sean’s family and friends wanted to honor him and his passion and commitment to basketball, while also having a meaningful impact on his community and other individuals struggling with addiction. 

Not available on October 9th to come out and shoot hoops? You can still donate to this very worthy cause.

UPDATE 10/10/16:

We are thrilled to hear that the Sean B 3on3 was a huge success!


Piab's New Configurable piINLINEplus Ultra-lightweight Vacuum Ejectors

piINLINE®plus for perfect press-shop vacuum

piINLINE®plus is a new configurable platform for decentralized vacuum generation from Piab.
These ultra-lightweight vacuum ejectors feature a unique and integrated automatic release mechanism, and come in compact, minimized packages. Tailor-made for automotive press-shop automation, piINLINE®plus offers new technology that will also benefit various other markets and applications. Designed with ports for compressed air and vacuum in-line, supported by quick-fit push-in connectors of varying diameter, they are mounted directly onto the hose, close to the point of suction.
Tailor-made for automotive press-shop automation, piINLINE®plus offers new technology that will also benefit various other markets and applications. 

Made in lightweight and extra durable PA66 material, the piINLINE®plus generators utilize Piab's COAX® technology, ensuring low air consumption (typically 25 percent lower than competing technology), excellent suction capacity, and fast evacuation. Generators are supplied with either one or two MICRO COAX® cartridges; two cartridges for larger suction cups in high speed applications, or one cartridge for smaller suction cups or for reduced air consumption when high speed is not essential.

”The generators in the piINLINE®plus family feature a significantly lower weight per unit compared with our competitors' products. The lower weight per unit corresponds to a total weight saving of over 1.1 lbs. in a typical press shop gripper with eight cups. This enables faster press line rates, and will result in less wear on robot arms,” says Josef Karbassi, Vice President of Piab's Automation Division.

The integrated release function is available in two optional designs – the easily controllable Atmospheric Quick Release (AQR), which require no extra compressed air hose, and the very fast performing Exhaust Block Release (EBR).

”Both designs are based on a durable polyurethane membrane which is not sensitive to dust. This ensures highly reliable production systems with improved uptime,” adds Karbassi.

 Contact FPE Automation to get more info.