Thursday, November 7, 2013

Distributors, the Unsung Heroes

Ah, your loyal distributor. You know us, we're there for you, backstage, making it happen so that your customers can be happy with you.

I wanted to share another Fluid Power Engineering behind-the-scenes success story.

We are proud to call Altman Manufacturing a client. They were recently featured in Assembly Magazine for a vision project FPE and Teledyne Dalsa worked on with them.

We're not mentioned in the article at all, but we don't mind. Really! That's what a distributor does, the assist. Still, we're very proud of our talented FPE Automation Controls Division team. They were responsible for making this successful project happen. Pivotal, in fact.

Thanks, guys!

You can check out the article here, or by clicking the image on the left.

Interested in Machine Vision?

FPE is co-hosting a vision event with Teledyne Dalsa on November 19th in Weldon Spring, MO (greater St. Louis area). We'll be covering a lot of the same topics discussed in the article (vision, inSpect software, etc.) Plus, we'll host a special Q&A after the regular material is covered where you can bring your real life vision application in and discuss it with the experts.

Space is limited, but still available at the time this blog post was published. Cick here for more information.