Tuesday, April 13, 2021

PHD Releases New GRM0 Series Workholding Clamps

Introducing GMR0 workholding clamps. These compact and lightweight clamps provide the highest force in the industry for a clamp this size. 

The new GMR0 series workholding clamps are an addition to the industry standard GRM family of sheet metal handling clamps from PHD

The larger PHD Series GRM Clamps have a proven reputation for delivering best-in-class performance. GMR0 workholding clamps were designed utilizing similar principles, so you'll get the same, superior results. The simplified design provides fast field maintenance. Hardened impact plates ensure long life and durability. 

These clamps are compact and lightweight while providing the industry’s highest clamp force for their size. At 0.54 lb [0.24 kg] in weight (without tips) they deliver an impressive 135 lb [600 N] of total clamp force. 

The clamp jaws lock in the closed position, so they will hold on to the part even if air pressure is lost due to line rupture or power loss. 

They are available in two jaw styles for application flexibility; Standard (S) and Flange (F). 

These clamps are ideal for robotic crossbar transfer press applications. They are a superior alternative to vacuum cups and magnetic grippers due to their ruggedness, elimination of part slippage, and part retention in the event of air pressure loss. 

Use the GMR0 series workholding clamp wherever size and weight are critical.

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GMR0 series workholding clamps, and all PHD products, are available at FPE Automation.

All PHD Inc. products are available at FPE Automation

Friday, March 26, 2021

New Date Added for Authorized UR Core Training

Learn to program and operate a Universal Robot collaborative robot in a relaxed, hands-on setting.

FPE Automation hosts authorized training for the world's #1 cobot at their state-of-the-art training and technology centers in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and Sunset Hills, Missouri.

We've just added an additional date to our training schedule. Hurry, classes fill up quickly. Register today. www.fpeautomation.com/urcore

Monday, March 22, 2021

FPE Hosts Robotics and Automation Night for Boy Scout Troop

On Thursday, March 18, FPE Automation welcomed a local Elk Grove Village Cub Scouts troop to their Technology and Training Center for a fun and educational early evening automation demo. 

The Scouts were shown collaborative robots, autonomous mobile robots, vision systems and more of the latest innovations. 

Whenever FPE Automation invites young students to one of our facilities, or takes this technology to them, it's always a very popular event. The collaborative robots are so safe and simple to use that we are able to allow the students to interact with, program and operate them on their own. It's a fun event, as well as great exposure for young people. A glimpse of the future of American manufacturing. A future they will be a part of.

Technology used in these demos: 

Universal Robots MiR Mobile Industrial Robots
Cognex Robotiq


Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Joe Judge is Selected as #1 PHD Top Performer for March 2021

Congratulations to FPE Automation's Joe Judge:
#1 PHD Top Performer

We are very happy to announce that FPE Automation's Joe Judge is PHD's #1 top performer for March 2021. Joe was selected by PHD's Scott Peters for this honor for a few reasons; Joe has helped to implement innovative PHD solutions at numerous companies, large and small. Slides, actuators, and even custom products. Those customers have benefited from PHD quality. It was customers' positive feedback to PHD, about Joe and his contribution to their success, that prompted PHD to select him for that #1 top performer spot this month. 

In awarding Joe for his accomplishments, Peters said "Joe has done a great job of reminding the customer of PHD's reliability, delivery, and support over the many years of our partnership." 

Congratulations, Joe! 

FPE Automation is your full-service, expert solution provider and source for PHD products.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

UVC and Dry Mist Disinfection Robots Will be a Big Part of Post-COVID Strategy for Manufacturing Facilities

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) takes a look at our world, after COVID-19

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation for the manufacturing sector globally. Supply chains are disrupted, stopping the flow of materials and finished goods. Assembly lines are forced to change operations because of a lack of workforce and parts and changed consumer behavior. Employee health has become a serious concern, and physical interaction is risky.

While the immediate impact is challenging, manufacturers can take steps to ensure their survival, recovery, and growth.

Moving into the future

COVID-19 has already created changes for the future of manufacturing by forcing companies to invest in resources that build agility, responsiveness, and resilience in their manufacturing operations.

Manufacturers with digital platforms, accessible data, and advanced analytics capabilities will be able to respond more quickly, accurately, and successfully to COVID-19 outages.

How well-positioned are you?  

PDF  Download the whitepaper to read more.

Source: Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)

Monday, February 1, 2021

FPE Automation and IMEC to Co-host Vision Guided Robotics Webinar on March 11

Vision Guided Robotics: Set Up Machine Vision for Robot Position Offsets Webinar

March 11, 2021
11:30 am
 - 12:30 pm

Presented by IMEC, in partnership with FPE Automation

Most robot applications include some form of pick and place where part presentation is just as important as the robot programming itself. There are many well proven feeding methods that pair well with robots, each with their own advantages for various situations, but flexibility is becoming increasingly necessary.

Instead of using fixtures or pegboards to register part locations in a fixed array, Vision Guided Robotics, or “VGR,” adds a level of dynamic response to your part presentation. Parts placed in random locations on a single flat plane are located by a camera, and the live positions are sent to the robot which can locate the part in real time.

In this highly practical webinar, IMEC and FPE Automation will discuss the newest technology related to 2D VGR including a live programing example of a pick and place application using a Universal Robots collaborative robot and 2D vision offsets.

This event is sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Purdue MEP, The Center for Industrial Research and Service at Iowa State University (CIRAS), and the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC).


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

FPE Automation Wins Prestigious PHD Distributor of the Year Award

>Today, FPE Automation had the unexpected honor of accepting the 2020 Distributor of the Year award from PHD on behalf of all of our employees.  

The above video has sound - make sure you have your volume turned up! 

2020 was a strange, and at times challenging year. However, as FPE Automation CEO David Bardos put it, "A smooth sea never made for a skillful sailor". Smarter automation played a key role in companies all across the Midwest being able to withstand the many pressures of the pandemic. Both FPE Automation and PHD played a key role in allowing companies to adapt during tough times. 

During the online meeting, PHD shared with the large audience of virtual attendees that competition had been high for their top award. 

In the end, it's about partnerships. The ones we have with PHD, and also the ones we have with you, our valued clients. On behalf of FPE Automation, we'd like to say thanks to everyone who helped us to get to this point. 

Here's to 2021, and to hopefully seeing all of you in person again soon.