Thursday, July 11, 2019

Piab's Kenos KCS Robot Gripper EOAT - Now UR+ Certified

Piab Kenos KCS gripper - now UR+ Certified


"UR+ is the premier product platform to help you automate your applications more easily than ever before. Hundreds of industry-leading products are tested and approved to work with cobots from Universal Robots to provide you with fast deployment, simple programming and reliable operation. From grippers and accessories to vision systems and software – UR+ has a solution for you."

- Universal Robots

Piab's Kenos® KCS gripper enables a collaborative robot (cobot) to handle just about anything, anywhere, at any time. This makes it the ideal ”co-working” tool, especially for small businesses, where flexibility is essential. Originally developed together with a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots as a tailor-made automation tool for one customer, the resulting vacuum gripper cobot proved so successful that Piab decided to offer it more widely.


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Monday, July 8, 2019

New Survey from Mobile Industrial Robots Can Help!

Find out how your procedures and internal logistics measure up to those of your peers. 

Looking to give your business a competitive edge? We’d like to let you know about an interesting industry-wide survey our partner, Mobile Industrial Robots (better known as MiR) is carrying out. The questionnaire is anonymous and takes just 5 minutes to complete. When you submit your answers, you’ll get:

- A report detailing the ways companies across the US are tackling internal logistics

- The chance to win a fully configured autonomous mobile robot for four months

- Entered into a prize drawing for three $500 gift cards

Sound interesting? Find out how an autonomous mobile robot from MiR can help. Tell us about your challenges, and together, we can figure out a better way. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Just Announced: FPE Automation Among Top MAC Valves Specialists

Congratulations to FPE Automation's Scott Massie and Steve Carrera! 

Mac Valves Inc. and MDN leadership has hand picked just 40 people from around the continent to be part of an elite team of specialists. These individuals have a unique expertise in Mac's latest, revolutionary products. That includes Pulse Valves, Bullet Valves®, Liquid Valves, MI/O-67® and BViQ®. While Mac Valves is already the industry leader due to their optimized shifting forces, repeatability, balanced design, wiping action, and all of the other innovations comprising Mac's 105+ patents – the aforementioned families of cutting edge products are at the forefront of it all. Scott and Steve made the shortlist of experts! Need information about this game-changing technology? Please reach out to FPE Automation - we're here to help! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Limited Time Promotion: Cognex 3D and Laser Profile Vision Systems

Extremely Competitive Pricing on Cognex Products for 3D Applications and Laser Profile Applications

Available now at FPE Automation!

Cognex just announced what is probably the best ever promotional pricing for select InSight products for 2D and 3D machine vision inspection.

Whether you're just getting into the vision game, or you're a seasoned professional, you'll want to take advantage of these great deals! 


MiR Offers New Leasing Program for Mobile Industrial Robots

Mobile Industrial Robots, the market leader in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), launched its new mobile robot leasing program

Referred to as ”robots as a service” (RaaS), leasing lets companies of any size—from small start-ups to multinational enterprises—deploy mobile robot solutions with low (or no) upfront costs and low monthly payments. This lowers financial barriers for investing in AMRs and gives customers a near immediate return on investment (ROI).


Friday, June 14, 2019

Industrial Dust Collection Case Study

FPE Automation received the MAC Distributor of the Month award for the implementation of MAC Pulse Valves in a dust collection system.

"Keeping your environment safe is crucial. So is keeping things running smoothly.

Downtime is costly. 

Up to now, dust collectors have been very expensive to operate. At the same time, you just can’t risk the occupational hazards that come with a system that isn’t effective."

FPE Automation won a coveted Mac Valves Distributor of the Month award for their work in industrial dust collection at a customer in the Midwest. This is their story.

Old style valves are prone to sticking and blockage. PV valves are truly different. MAC’s patented D-seal technology isolates the solenoid: As a result of MAC’s innovative solution, contamination, sticking and burning are reduced and the valve has a longer life.