Monday, June 26, 2017

PHD Series EGRR Electric High Capacity Parallel Gripper

PHD is pleased to announce the release of the new Series EGRR high capacity ELECTRIC gripper. 

Built on the field-proven Series GRR chassis, the electric version offers many of the same benefits as the pneumatic. Plus, you receive the design flexibility of Your Motor, Your Way features. The EGRR provides high grip force, long jaw travels, and high jaw loads. This heavy duty end effector’s rugged design and jaw construction can withstand high impact and shock loads. Series EGRR Grippers are designed for gripping large objects in demanding industrial applications.

Download/view the EGRR catalog (PDF format).

Major benefits.
  • Servomotor provides acceleration, velocity, and position control and feedback. 
  • Compact design provides high grip force, large moment capacities, long jaw travel, and low overall weight for applications with limited space. 
  • Rugged construction withstands high impact and shock loads in demanding industrial environments.
  • Three large diameter jaw guides spanning the length of the gripper provide stable jaw travel, long allowable tooling length, and high moment capacities. 
  • Robust rack and pinion jaw drive provides repeatable jaw positioning. 
  • Your Motor, Your Way allows motor and controls flexibility at no additional cost. 
  • Optional PHD-supplied Kollmorgen® motor matches performance of popular pneumatic Series GRR Guardian® Gripper.