Thursday, December 17, 2015

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We have enjoyed working with you, and wish you the very best this season and in the new year.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Introducing Mencom's CSH Series "SQUICH" Tool-free Inserts


CSH Series "SQUICH" tool-free inserts
Mencom CSH Series "SQUICH" spring terminal rectangular connectors offer ease of use and cost savings on any harsh manufacturing floors and rugged industrial environments by providing quick-connect solutions for a variety of production machinery. Click for more details.

FPE is a proud supplier of Mencom products.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

FPE Automation and Optex Sensors

Optex FA - Think Optex
Think Optex Sensors

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Amazing Products. Amazing Support. Think Optex
Optex ZM Series

Toughest Sensor on the Block...

Optex ZM Series Key Features:

- High pressure & temperature wash-down resistant sensor
- SUS316L stainless steel housing - IP69K to IEC 60529
- Oil, detergent, chemical & heat resistant
- Lens coating repels water & resists scratches
- 4 operation modes: long-range thrubeam, retro-reflective, diffuse & background suppression
- World standard mounting configuration
- 4 element LED for stable, long range sensing & long life
- Great for food & beverage applications

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Optex Z3 Series

Long Distance Sensing

Optex Z3 Series Key Features:

- Compact size
- 5 sensing modes including: thrubeam, retro, diffuse & convergent
- High power LED provides high excess gain for stable operation in dusty environments
- Sensing distances up to 25 meters
- Improved sensing performance of diffuse & convergent modes

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Sense M18 Plastic Barrel Photoelectric Sensor

Sense M18 AC/DC Plastic Barrel Photoelectric Sensor

Key Features:

- 20 to 250 volt AC / DC
- 300mA max. switching current
- LED output indicator
- IP67 protection
- Temperature rating 32 to 140F
- 2m connection cable

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Lutze AWM 600V rated Ethernet Cables for Machine and Plant Installation

Lutze designs and manufactures control products for factory automation.
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LUTZE AWM 600V rated ETHERNET Cables
for Machine and Plant Installation 

Cables are designed within the Ethernet standards and fit most standard industrial grade connectors, shielded for EMC compatibility and specifically designed for industrial environments.

  • AWG 22 conductors specifically suited for longer runs at either Cat6a or Cat5e transmission rates depending on model
  • UL AWM 2570 600V external use allows for installation alongside 600V power cables in accordance with NFPA 79 and UL508A, Clause 29.5.1A
  • UL listed Type CMG allows for installation in cable trays per NEC article 800
  • UL listed Type PLTC allows for installation in cable trays per NEC article 725



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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Can you use Piab’s ejectors in a dusty environment?

FPE Automation is an award-winning supplier of Piab products. We're pleased to bring you this informative video and other content, all provided by Piab.
Can you use Piab’s ejectors in a dusty environment?
In this video you can see a COAX® cartridge MINI Di16-2 handling corrugated board.
Dust-proof innovation
The new COAX® cartridge MINI Di16-2 is ideal for applications where there is dust or dirt present.
Configure your own gripper system
The COAX® cartridge MINI Di16-2 is ideal for Piab's VGS™3010 vacuum gripper system.
White paper: Designed for lifting not cleaning
If you have concerns about using COAX® vacuum ejectors in a dusty industrial setting.
White paper: Reliable production even in the dustiest of settings
Learn more how to choose the right equipment.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Cleats for QC Conveyors are Stronger, With a Rounded Top Edge

QC Industries redesigns cleated belts for conveyors, including their popular HydroClean sanitary series
New! Stronger Cleats

QC Industries has upgraded the design of their cleated belts. The new cleats have thicker walls that are stronger and less likely to bend under the weight of product. They feature a rounded top edge and a base that's not flared but maintains the same weld strength as our previous cleats.

These cleats are available now in the Conveyor Configurator

The new cleats are available in 1/2", 1", 2" and 3" heights (our existing 5mm square cleat is also still available). They will be welded during the manufacturing process to either MAA or MAE base belts depending on the type of conveyor. Industrial Series conveyors use MAA material, while Automation Series conveyors use MAE or MVE (MAE with a V-Guide added). Sanitary Series conveyors use the MVE base material.

Start configuring a cleated conveyor today! 

Old cleats may still be ordered on replacement belts by typing the part number into the Conveyor Configurator's "Part Search" option. At this time, the new cleats are not available on AS40Z conveyors, 125Z Series conveyors or Corrugated Sidewall belts.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Piab DURAFLEX® Suction Cups: Do you need a faster, more accurate robot?

Courtesy of Piab:

Do you need a faster, more accurate robot?

Single bellows DURAFLEX® suction cup offers improved stability at higher speeds.
Piab introduces a new addition to its range of dual durometer DURAFLEX® suction cups that promises to speed up robots and improve productivity. Designed with a single bellows the new DURAFLEX® cup (10-110 mm) stays more stable when in motion, offering users the opportunity to run their robots or production lines at higher speeds, whilst maintaining a very high level of accuracy and precision.
DURAFLEX® suction cups combine firm bellows with soft, flexible lips made from a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane, making them particularly suitable for uneven and porous surfaces. The material's durability and elastic memory increase the longevity of cups, hence providing a higher return on investment (ROI). The material is mark-free and contains no Paint Wetting Impairment Substances (PWIS).
The single bellows version has a lower building height than the multi-bellows cups, making it easier to fit into space-restricted areas, such as robot arms picking from molds. Additionally, the single bellows provides a better lifting force, so each cup is able to lift heavier loads. This means that fewer cups can be deployed for a specific task, reducing the initial investment.
Their stable, yet flexible function enables the single bellows cups to meet the specific demands of a variety of industries, where they will improve productivity and reduce downtime. Not only do they reduce the risk of objects being dropped, but they also help reduce investment and energy costs as their excellent sealing properties result in less leakage, allowing the use of smaller vacuum pumps.
Ideally suited for the high-speed unloading of parts with textured surfaces, such as molded plastic parts for car interiors, the single bellows cups can help plastics manufacturers to shorten the cycle time for injection molding. The improved stability also offers more precise placement of parts when the cups are used in holding fixtures. This improves the quality of the finished products, and will also result in fewer parts being scrapped, which in turn will improve productivity and reduce costs.