Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Universal Robots Award Winning Partner

It has been a record-setting month at FPE! This just in...

FPE Automation is the Winner of the Universal Robots Growth Award

By: Sandia Harrison

Universal Robots' Misa Ilkhechi (left) presents the Universal Robots Growth Award.
FPE Automation's Carson Weaver (center)
and Jomy Vadakumpadam (right) accept the trophy.

A surprise from Universal Robots today! It was announced that FPE Automation is the winner of the Midwest Growth Award.

The decision-making process to enter into the realm of collaborative robotics is a multi-faceted one. Manufacturers may be struggling to find skilled workers, with unemployment at a low. Employers and managers may be committed to keeping their workers safe and free of injuries. In today's competitive market environment, they certainly need to take a hard look at ROI and other benefits of automating with cobots. In addition, they may not have the skill set internally to effectively deploy the collaborative robots (initially, anyway). 

That's where we come in. FPE Automation is a premier Universal Robots partner, with unparalleled knowledge in our region. We offer authorized training classes, and have the right expertise to make this technology work for you. We do this one conversation at a time, hands-on whenever necessary, sleeves rolled up. 

There is no other way to achieve such an honor as this. 

All of us at FPE Automation would like to thank Universal Robots, our talented team of engineers and support staff, and most of all, our customers. Without you, this growth would not be possible.

High-level Workshop Strengthens FPE Automation's Universal Robots Expertise

Universal Robots is on location at FPE Automation

By: Sandia Harrison

FPE Automation is a premier, authorized Universal Robots partner. We're top-tier with UR, and very proud of the level of engagement and expertise we bring to the table when it's time to have a realistic conversation with our customers about collaborative robots. 

Whether that conversation is about the most technical aspects of industrial robotics, or you need to know how collaborative robots can benefit you in your production environment, or you would like to discuss what your ROI would be and how cobots look, in terms of investment... FPE Automation's team of experts are some of the best-suited in the business to answer all of your questions. 

Today, that knowledge pool got deeper.

Our entire team of sales engineers is receiving top level training from engineers at Universal Robots in an intensive workshop. It is knowledge we will pass on to you.

At FPE, we work alongside Universal Robots on a daily basis, in hands-on environments like yours. That makes us uniquely qualified to do the job right. 

Learn more about how that benefits you by reading our Blog post from this past December: GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR #COBOT BY SELECTING THE RIGHT PARTNER.

FPE Automation Wins Tolomatic Distributor of the Year Award

FPE Automation is Tolomatic's Distributor of the Year

Just announced! FPE Automation is the winner of the 2018 Tolomatic Distributor of the Year award! 

This is a landmark achievement for FPE Automation. To honor the occasion, President and CEO, David Bardos, issued this statement earlier today:

"This would not be possible without the support of great PEOPLE like our employees and our customers, great PRODUCTS supplied by Tolomatic and the great SOLUTIONS we come up with to assist our customers to be more competitive and profitable.Thanks to ALL for your efforts."

Thursday, April 25, 2019

FPE Automation Wins PHD Inc. Growth Award

FPE Automation is the proud recipient of this year's PHD Growth Award

It was announced this evening at the PHD Inc. meeting in Denver that FPE Automation received this accolade. We're honored, and would like to thank our talented team, valued customers, and PHD for this recognition of our efforts. 

Pictured, left to right: John Ross from PHD Inc., FPE Automation's Joey Bardos and Scott Peters, also from PHD.  Joey Bardos from FPE Automation accepting the PHD Growth award.

New SmartVisionLink™ Allows You to Control Your Machine Vision Lighting from Your Smartphone

With Smart Vision Lights new SmartVisionLink™ technology, you can control your light source from your phone or tablet.

SmartVisionLink technology enables anyone with a tablet or smartphone to exercise remote, wireless control over their machine vision lighting without the need to physically handle a hard-to-reach light source or add a bulky network-enabled light controller. Made possible by SVL's BTM-1000 Bluetooth Module and our downloadable app (shown right), SmartVisionLink™ provides an intuitive way to adjust key performance parameters for six or more lights.


FPE Wins PHD+ Award for Electric Sales

News from the PHD meeting in Denver this week:

FPE Automation's St. Louis office is the winner of the PHD+ award for electric sales

FPE Automation's Andy Button accepts the award from Brian Woodbury, Product Development Manager at PHD

By: Sandia Harrison


What does this mean for our customers?

Manufacturers big and small, all over the Midwest, are discovering the benefits of adopting some of the latest innovations in factory automation. They can't do that without the proper discovery process. The results could be costly, in terms of dollars and lost productivity.

FPE Automation and PHD's technical experts have the knowledge to determine what is right for your company. Virtually every one of our valued customers who adopted PHD+ technology went through the aforementioned process. They looked at ROI, product quality, and overall benefit to their organization, weighing numerous factors. There is only one way to win an award like this, and it isn't fancy sales pitches. The product absolutely must deliver.

For those customers who adopted this technology during the past year, we're grateful and also very glad you're happy with us! We receive testimonial after testimonial about how these products have made a difference in your production environment. 

If you have not yet had a conversation about PHD+ electric actuators, slides and other products, I'd encourage you to contact FPE Automation. If you are simply curious about whether new advancements in industrial controls and other technology could benefit you, our team of experts is happy to stop by and answer your questions.

In the meantime, I'd like to congratulate my colleagues at FPE Automation Sunset Hills, MO for their award-winning year!


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

FPE Automation is a Member of TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association) in Illinois

Part of a Community: Preparing High School Students for a Career in Manufacturing

FPE Automation is proud to have a history of working alongside young people to cultivate their growth and prepare them for a successful career. So does TMA (Technology & Manufacturing Association of Illinois). 

Our partnership with 
TMA helps the community we all share, one talented individual at a time. This short video clip highlights TMA's Be Next training initiative. This important campaign provides high school students an advanced career pathway in high-tech manufacturing. It shows how TMA is strengthening American workforces. They have been doing just that, since 1925.

At FPE Automation, the first word in the tagline below our logo is "People". This type of initiative is central to our core values, so we thought we'd share this overview of Be Next


Monday, April 22, 2019

Industrial Automation, Controls, Vision/ID and Robotics Seminar in Ottawa, Illinois

FPE Automation will host a Process Improvement Seminar in Ottawa, IL on Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Interact with experts and see the latest Vision Cognex, Epson, Universal Robots, Omron and MiR, along with products from PHD, Robotiq, OnRobot and more.

Discuss your own applications. We’ll incorporate your real-life examples and show you the cutting edge technology that is transforming the workplace in unprecedented ways. All in a relaxed, hands-on setting. Lunch will be served.

with Cognex
Machine vision systems and sensors for factory automation, barcode readers for industrial ID.

With Omron Automation
HMI, PLC, safety and machine controls, all-in-one programming.

With Epson, Universal Robots and MiR
6-axis collaborative and SCARA robots, as well as mobile autonomous industrial robots.


TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Ottawa Starved Rock Area
3000 Fairfield Ln, Ottawa, IL 61350

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The Benefits of Mobile Industrial Robots Explained

MiR Mobile Industrial Robots at Cabka

In this short video testimonial, Cabka (a valued FPE Automation customer) purchases and puts into production their first autonomous mobile robots from MIR. The Cabka team offers helpful feedback about what the collaborative robots have done for them so far, why they are seeing a benefit, and their plans to put more MiR500 robots to use.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Epson VT6L - Just $13,900 - Available at FPE Automation!

VT6L Launch Email ‑ 2019
View the VT6L Now arrow
FPE Automation is your source for Epson SCARA robots.
Groundbreaking Technology at an Ultra-Low Cost
Introducing the Epson VT6L All‑in‑One 6-Axis Robot
Learn More
VT6L Launch Email ‑ 2019
With next‑level technology at an incredible price, the Epson VT6L All‑in‑One 6‑Axis Robot is ideal for a wide variety of simple applications.

Delivering many of the features found in our high‑end robots, including powerful Epson RC+® development software and easy integration tools such as vision guidance, the VT6L offers a reach up to 900 mm and a payload up to 6 kg.

A feature‑packed performer, it includes a built‑in controller, plus simplified cabling with a hollow‑end‑of‑arm design—all at a remarkably low cost, in a compact, SlimLine structure.
VT6L All‑in‑One 6-Axis Robot
Epson VT6L
All‑in‑One 6‑Axis Robot
Ultra‑Low Cost: $13,900
Built‑in Controller
Easy to Install
SlimLine Design
110 V or 220 V Available
Learn More
See the Epson VT6L in Action
Epson VT6L Product Video
Watch Video
EPSON and Epson RC+ are registered trademarks, and EPSON Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation.

All other product and brand names are trademarks of their respective companies. Epson disclaims all rights in these marks.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Control Your QC Conveyor from Your UR Robot

New from QC Conveyors: URCap lets you control your conveyor from your Universal Robot

The QC URCap allows you to control the conveyor directly from the Polyscope interface of your UR Robot.
  • Start/Stop
  • Forward/Reverse
  • Choose Multiple Speeds

Free Download

To install, simply download the URCap, unzip the file, and transfer it to your teach pendant using a USB flash drive.


MAC MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform Ordering Guide

FPE Automation's MAC Valves MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform

A guide, by FPE Automation.

We've put together this guide of the capabilities, options and other specifications of the MAC MI/O-67 family of products for your reference.


Monday, April 8, 2019

3D Machine Vision Live from the Automate Show with Canon and Universal Robots

FPE Automation is Bin Picking in this Live Demo at the Automate Show.

We're live at the Canon booth! Utilizing a Universal Robot together with Canon's RV-Series as the 'eye', we're capturing images of target parts randomly placed in a bin, determining the best pick, and guiding the robot to approach, pick, and place the for its destination quickly but surely.

It doesn't end there! View and download FPE Automation's complete Automate Show Guide for more to see at this week's show.

ROEQ Introduces the TR1000 Top Roller for MiR Autonomous Mobile Industrial Robots

ROEQ's New TR1000 is developed to support heavy internal logistics in industrial facilities.

Designed for use with the MiR1000 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with to carry larger loads of various sizes, including standard US pallets.

Perform automated load and unload operations quickly, safely and effortlessly.

With TR1000, the MiR1000 is able to carry out scheduled pick-up and delivery tasks with many different types of heavy goods.


MiR Introduces the MiR1000 Autonomous Mobile Robot

Introducing the MiR1000

MiR's most powerful autonomous mobile robot (AMR) to date.

The NEW MiR1000 is designed to automate and optimize the internal transportation of heavy duties and pallets. With a payload of 1000 kg, this is MiR’s most robust mobile robot. Even in highly dynamic environments, it can transport heavy loads without any exterior safety measures.


Friday, April 5, 2019

Epson Introduces the New VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis Robot.

Debuting at the Automate Show next week...

NEW from Epson. The VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis Robot.

With next-level technology, the VT6L All-in-One 6-Axis robot is available at an incredible price of $13,900 with 900 mm reach, up to 6 kg payload and built-in controller. It includes many of the features found in Epson’s high-end robots, including powerful Epson RC+ development software and easy integration tools.

Contact FPE Automation for more information.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Industrial Dust Collection Made More Efficient

Groundbreaking innovations have produced new technology that will have you re-thinking the way you process your airborne contaminants.

Introducing an all-new overview, by FPE Automation...

Industrial Dust Collection Reliably. With MAC Pulse Valve Technology

Just released by FPE Automation. Our newest catalog outlines the reliability, energy and cost savings and other benefits of switching to a pulse valve solution from MAC Valves. It features the latest design innovations and product updates from MAC.

Diaphragm valves are costly to run, maintain and operate. According to independent case studies, there is a are 20-30% increased expenditure in energy costs to operate a diaphragm valve, versus a MAC pulse valve. The savings doesn't end there. Increased efficiency and less downtime save you money as well.