Friday, January 25, 2019

piCOBOT Adjustable Vacuum Grippers for Universal Robots

Piab does an impressive job with their piCOBOT products. Designed for Universal Robots and UR+ CertifiedpiCOBOT vacuum grippers can handle an impressively wide range of objects, from porous to sealed material, and everything in between. 

If your goal is to use your UR #cobot to pick up objects for production, packaging, assembly or nearly any purpose, these vacuum grippers are worth a look. 

Download a copy of Piab's piCOBOT brochure here.

3D Parts Recognition and Bin Picking with Canon and FPE Automation at Automate 2019

A unique opportunity to see the latest in industrial automation, up close. 

Catch FPE Automation and Canon at the Automate show April 8-11. The latest in parts recognition will be on display. FPE's experts are putting together a Universal Robots table with the Canon system mounted, and a demo to illustrate 3D bin picking live and in person! 

Don't miss it. We'll be at booth 8936.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

PHD Releases New Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slides

Announcing the new PHDPlus® Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slide

The new PHD Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slides feature a robust, enclosed design with a high capacity rail bearing system delivering exceptional moment and load capability. Available in three sizes, with travels lengths up to 5,500 mm and speeds to 5,000 mm/s, these electric base slides can be combined to create virtually any system to meet your Cartesian robot needs. The flexibility of Your Motor, Your Way provides the freedom to use familiar motors and controls. Additionally, complete solutions are available with the Kollmorgen® motor and gear reducer (-Mxxxx code plus -RWxxx code) installed by PHD .

Major Benefits:
  • 3 sizes with travels up to 5,500 mm
  • Speeds up to 5,000 mm/s
  • Exceptional moment and load capability
  • Superior HTD8 steel reinforced polyurethane belt provides improved performance
  • Proven magnetically secured stainless steel sealing band provides IP54 ingress protection
  • Your Motor, Your Way and complete solutions with Kollmorgen® motor and gear reducer installed
  • Dual saddle option doubles the load capacity and increases My (pitch) and Mz (yaw) moment capacities
  • Competitively priced
These capabilities establish the Series ESU Slides as the optimal solution for the most demanding automation applications.

Want to learn more? Contact FPE Automation today! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Universal Robots Distributor

FPE Automation is Your Source for Collaborative Robots (Cobots) from Universal Robots

In the market for a Universal Robots #cobot for your business? Excellent call! Universal Robots are the world's #1 collaborative robot, and purchasing one can really make a difference in your productivity, and your bottom line. 

Before choosing a partner, make sure that partner has the right experience. Why choose FPE Automation? Turns out, there are a lot of very good reasons. Check out this video. It will answer some important questions, and hopefully help you get started!