Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Wrong Gripper Can Cause the Entire Application to Fail: Spotlight on PHD Precision Grippers

Spotlight on PHD Precision Grippers: 

This month, PHD Inc. recognized FPE Automation for their efforts in three separate applications. One was the manufacturing of large, heavy items. Another involved robot cells and pick and place. The part was small in this instance, the robots were picking up castings. The third was in the packaging machinery sector. 

"Even when everything else is engineered to perfection, the wrong gripper can cause the entire application to fail."

You may ask, what do these processes have in common? They're as different as they can be. The answer: each has a crucial need for precise gripping.

Precision gripping is an area where the experts at FPE Automation, using PHD's superior products can, quite literally, help you to "get a grip" :-)

We know, there are a lot of players in this market space. However, when accuracy and reliability are key, the list becomes very short. PHD Inc. is on that shortlist. They can deliver precision grippers for applications large and small.

Don't let slip-ups be the weak link in your engineering chain. Rely on PHD so that you can have confidence that your parts will be handled as you intended them to be. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

SCARA, 6-axis and Collaborative Robots Are In Stock and Ready to Ship at FPE Automation

Are long lead times getting in the way of your automation plans? 

Ideas can only become a reality when the items you order arrive at your door. With global supply chain delays, it's great to know that FPE Automation has robots in stock and ready to ship to you. • Collaborative Robots: In stock at FPE Automation. • SCARA Robots: In stock at FPE Automation and at the factory. Starting $7,895 with controller. • 6-axis Robots: In stock at FPE Automation and at the factory. Starting at $14,595 with controller. FPE Automation is offering peace of mind in more ways than one, during these uncertain times.