Thursday, June 25, 2015

Joulin: Innovative Solutions for Your Handling Projects

Joulin is a company nearly 50 years in the making. They make grippers unique in the industry and definitely worthy of a look...

Check out this video of Joulin in action. You'll see pick and place across many different industries with a wide variety of products, small and lightweight to bulky and big, commercial to consumer, easily breakable to robust. Rotated horizontally or vertically - while holding items.
  • Cinder blocks, bricks and other porous materials
  • Open-top bottles and jars, concave tops and items with holes that are impossible to lift with other systems
  • Uneven surface areas
  • Boxes and bags
In this particular video you'll see:
  • Automotive battery depalleting
  • Full boxes of batteries
  • Canned pet food, 210 cans per layer
  • Ears of corn, using vision
  • 20 foot long lumber
  • Large bundles of insulation
  • Open top bottles in cases
  • Pharmaceutical bottles
  • Wrapped snack bars
But that's only a handful of examples of the potential applications.  Joulin grippers are the only vacuum systems that do not require filters. They're not sensitive to dust, moisture and other potentially damaging elements. The possibilities are countless. Joulin might just be an excellent fit for you.