Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Are your valves performing as well as other valves? Here's how to tell.

"There's an App for That"

TLD Software Compares Valve Performance

Valve performance can make a significant difference in your application. How do you compare and measure it? 

The sales engineers at FPE Automation all have a useful application in their arsenal of evaluation tools, to do just that. It's called TLD

Today at FPE Automation, Sunset Hills, MO: Steve Carrera,
Cody Schmelzle and Kurt Vaeth work in the pneumatic
lab using the MAC TLD app.
With TLD, you can read scope traces and plot valve performance. It gives you application-critical data. Even milliseconds can count, in big ways. Are there other valves on the market that are faster than yours? Let the data determine the results, so you can have peace of mind that this particular aspect of your operations is as optimized as possible. 

You can learn more about TLD software here. If you would like an on-site test, reach out to FPE Automation to schedule. 

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