Friday, December 10, 2021

A Single Robot Tends Two Machines: A Filling Application Case Study

Pick & Place: When it is beneficial to build a robotic cell. 

A repurposed UR3 now tends two machines and still gets better output.

Before this project started, Bisco's Won Suh already understood the advantages of automating. He had a Universal Robots UR3e that he wanted to repurpose for a new pick and place filling application. He just didn't have bandwidth to get it done in-house. 

That's the great part about FPE Automation's Handshake Solutions. We can put together a unique team just for you, so that your implementation is successful. For Bisco, this included automation experts from both FPE Automation and Designhawk InnovationsDesignhawk is an industrial automation firm located in Chicago. They specialize in helping companies just like Bisco to automate. 

Take a look at how this UR3e robot reliably and consistently handles this pick and place filling application. Along with Universal Robots, you'll notice an OGZ gripper and OSW slide, both from PHD Inc. The bowl feeder was provided by Mirai Inter-technologies. You'll also notice MAC Valves, and a Camozzi air prep system used here. It's exactly the type of multi-product engineering that makes FPE Automation's Handshake Solutions so valuable. Pulling together world-class technology, we can achieve the end results you need.

FPE Automation handshake solutions are nearly endless in scope and possibility. We can help you automate vision systems, robotic pick and place applications, palletizing, welding, machining, sanding and grinding, logistics and more, just to name a few.

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Whatever your requirements are, FPE Automation can help you to get started.



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