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Four Things You Probably Didn't Know About Convergent Sensors - by Ramco/Optex

Optex FA - Think Optex Sensors

Think Optex Sensors
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Convergent Beam Sensing Solutions

What is Convergent Beam Sensing?

Convergent beam sensors have a lens arrangement that concentrates the emitted light on an exact point in front of the sensor and focuses the receiver element on that same point. This produces a small, intense and well defined sensing area at a fixed distance from the sensor. Convergent sensors provide very high excess gain for sensing low reflective targets.
Convergent Sensor Sensing
Area Four Advantages of Convergent Beam Sensors:

1. Very effective for small object detection
2. Great for accurate detection of radiused targets
3. Can be used in most mark sensing solutions
4. Can be used for accurate parts positioning

When You Need Ultra Compact & Self Contained:
Optex E Series

Optex E Series
Detecting Circuit Boards
• Fixed field - no sensitivity adjust
• Great fit for tight spaces and tight budgets
• High repeat accuracy
• Red LED beam spot

Optex FA E-Series - Select from these distances:

• 3-8mm
• 2-15mm
• 5-30mm

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Need Longer Sensing Distances with Sensitivity Adjust?
Optex Z3 Series • Compact size with 1-turn sensitivity pot
• Bright red LED beam spot aids in alignment
• Low hysterisis
• Adjustable from 10 to 90mm distance

Optex FA Z3 Series

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