Monday, November 16, 2015

Congratulations to FPE Automation's Joe Judge - PHD Distributor Salesperson of the Month!

From PHD: The October 2015 Distributor Salesperson of the Month goes to Joe Judge of FPE Automation!!!

Congratulations, Joe!


Here's why this is more than just an award - Joe received this honor (FPE Automation's second this year) for his efforts at a multi-national company that builds conveying and material handling systems on an OEM basis. Joe was able to provide more reliable, higher quality that made sense. The solutions involved rotary actuators, slides and clamps. The company is more confident in the PHD products. They like PHD's online tools (CAD and configurator). They're also much happier with the delivery times. In other words, when we win an award like this one, it means that we offered a very discerning customer a solution that they made the decision to implement. We think that says it all.

FPE Automation and PHD can do the same for you.

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