Thursday, March 17, 2016

Removable Cutter Feature: Repairable Hole Punch Cylinders from Bimba

Do you use hole punch cylinders? 

Replace damaged or worn out cutting heads without having to replace the complete cylinder. 

Bimba's rugged hole punch cylinder has been designed with a removable cutter. The cutter can be replaced as needed without having to replace the entire cylinder. The razor sharp cutting teeth are designed to punch millions of holes in thin plastic film.

Save money, time and inventory costs. Replacement cutters are offered in boxes of five. 

Download/view Bimba Repairable Hole Punch Cylinders brochure in PDF format.

Feature Benefits
High strength carbon steel piston rod with .07" ID Air jet ejects cutter slugs from the cutting head
Oil soak felt washer behind the rod seal Offers a continual source of rod lubrication
8 models; 7 cutter sizes Application flexibility
Nickel plated steel rod guide Improved fatigue resistance over aluminum in high cycle applications
Standard extend and retract bumpers Minimizes sound levels
Special cutter shapes and custom stroke lengths available Special cutter shapes and custom 

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