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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

From Cognex: Release of In-Sight® 2000 Series Vision Sensors and In-Sight 5.2.1 Software

Release of In-Sight® 2000 Series Vision Sensors and In-Sight 5.2.1 Software
Cognex is pleased to announce the release of the In-Sight 2000 Series vision sensors and In-Sight Explorer 5.2.1 software. The In-Sight 2000 combines the power of an In-Sight vision systems with the simplicity and affordability of a vision sensor. Setting a new standard for value, ease-of-use and flexibility, In-Sight 2000 series vision sensors are ideal for simple error-proofing applications needing only pass/fail output.

Highlights include:
  • Power and flexibility
    • Proven In-Sight vision tools.
    • Modular design includes field interchangeable lenses, lighting and filters, and user-configurable in-line and right-angle mounting orientation.
  • Simplicity
    • Integrated high performance diffuse ring light (patent pending) and 8mm lens - ready out-of-the box!
    • Configure simple presence/absence inspection applications in only minutes with the intuitive, point-and-click EasyBuilder® setup interface.
  • Unified software environment
    • In-Sight Explorer is the world's most widely used machine vision software.
    • Configure and maintain both simple and complex vision applications in one environment.
Product Details

In-Sight 2000 Series vision sensors are available in three different model configurations, as detailed in the following table:

Image Resolution
640 x 480 (standard)
640 x 480 (standard)
640 x 480 (2x magnification)
640 x 480 (standard)
640 x 480 (2x magnification)
800 x 600 (2x magnification)
Acquisition Speed
20 fps
40 fps
Relative Processing Speed
Pattern (PatFind)
Pattern (PatFind)
Pattern (PatFind), Edge,
Edge Intersection, Circle
Pattern, Pixel Count, Brightness, Contrast
Pattern (PatFind), Edge, Pixel Count, Brightness, Contrast
Distance, Circle Diameter, Angle
Patterns (PatFind), Edges
Part Numbers

The following table lists the product IDs for In-Sight 2000 vision sensors and accessories:

Product ID
In-Sight 2000 Vision Sensor. Available in three models:
2000-130, 2000-120 and 2000-110. See above table for details.
High-brightness Diffuse LED Ring Lights. Available colors: White, Red, and IR. (Note: White included standard with all In-Sight 2000 sensor models.)
Ring Light Cover. Replacement for lost or damaged cover.
Filters. Available filters: Red Band Pass (635nm) and IR (850nm). Polarized Ring Light Cover also available.
S-Mount M12 lenses. Available focal lengths: 3.6mm/F2, 6mm/F2, 8mm/F2, 12mm/F1.9, 16mm/F2.5 and 25mm/F2. 16mm and 25mm lenses require corresponding lens spacer. (Note: 8mm included standard with all In-Sight 2000 sensor models.)
LM12-03-01, -06-01, -08-01, -12-01
LM12-16-01 and LM12-SPACER-16-01
LM12-25-01 and LM12-SPACER-25-01
Ethernet Cables. X-Coded M12-to-RJ45 connectors. Available in 2M, 5M, 10M, and 15M lengths.
CCB-84901-2001-02, -05, -10, 15
Ethernet Cable Adapter. X-Coded to A-Coded connectors.
Power & I/O
Power and I/O Cables. M12-to-flying Lead. Available in 5M, 10M and 15M lengths.
CCB-PWRIO-05, -10, -15
Power Supply. Cognex 24 Volt DC Supply, DIN-rail mountable.
Power Cords. For use with ACC-24I. Cords available for US, Japan, UK and Europe.
Brackets. Available mounting brackets include a Pivot Mount (APG) and a Universal Mounting Plate.
Adapters. Available mounting adapters include the Flat Plate Adapter and the DataMan Tripod Adapter Plate.
In-Sight 2000 Lab Kit

"Lab kits" are also available to end user customers who wish to purchase an In-Sight 2000-130 sensor with a complete set of accessories:
Product ID
In-Sight 2000 Base Lab Kit. Includes the following:
  • In-Sight 2000-130 vision sensor with 8mm lens and high-brightness white LED diffuse ring light (IS2000M-130-40-125)
  • 16mm/F2.5 S-mount M12 lens (LM12-16-01) and lens spacer (LM12-SPACER-16-01)
  • Ethernet cable, 2M (CCB-84901-2001-02)
  • Power and I/O cable, 5M (CCB-PWRIO-05)
  • Universal Mounting Plate (BKT-2000-UNIV-000)

In-Sight 2000 Accessory Lab Kit. Includes the following:
  • High-brightness LED diffuse ring lights: Red (IFS-2000-HBRING-RD) and IR
  • Filters: Red (IMRF-2000-BP635), IR (IMIF-2000-BP850) and Polarized Ring Light Cover (IMPF-2000-POLAR)
  • S-mount M12 lenses: 3.6mm/F2 (LM12-03-01), 6mm/F2 (LM12-06-01), 12mm/F1.9 (LM12-12-01), and 25mm/F2 with spacer (LM12-25-01 and LM12-SPACER-25-01)


For pricing and ordering contact FPE Automation.


In-Sight Explorer 5.2.1 installation software can be downloaded at:

In addition to supporting the new In-Sight 2000 Series vision sensors, In-Sight Explorer 5.2.1 can be used with all currently shipping In-Sight vision systems, including:
  • In-Sight 5705/5705C and 8000 series models (latest firmware version 5.2.0)
  • In-Sight Micro 1xxx, 51xx/54xx/56xx and 7000 series models (latest firmware version 4.10.0)
Note that In-Sight Explorer 5.2.1 does not include any new firmware features for In-Sight vision systems.


The In-Sight 2000 and accessories are available now for immediate shipment against existing orders. Volume shipments from stock will begin on February 15, at which time standard lead times will apply for new orders. In the meantime, contact your Cognex Sales Engineer if you need assistance in prioritizing urgent customer orders.

Additional Resources

Many In-Sight 2000 resources are available, and we will continue to add more over the coming weeks, including promotional videos and a library of application examples.
  • Customers can go to to learn about the In-Sight 2000 and to download the product data sheet.
  • Cognex partners can access several In-Sight 2000 resources on the Partner Portal under Marketing > Product Launch > In-Sight 2000 and under Marketing > Promotional Materials > Sensor Sales.
  • Technical documentation resources include the In-Sight® 2000 Vision Sensor Reference Guide (.pdf) and the In-Sight EasyBuilder Help file, both of which are installed with In-Sight Explorer 5.2.1.

Introducing the Cognex In-Sight 2000 vision sensor: The first vision sensor powered by In-Sight


In-Sight 2000 series vision sensor Download Datasheet
Get a chance to win six vision sensors for your manufacturing line
Introducing the In-Sight 2000 vision sensor:
The first vision sensor powered by In-Sight

 Enter to Win Today!
The new In-Sight® 2000 series vision sensors solve simple error-proofing applications and set new standards for value, ease-of-use, and flexibility. Ideal for any automation environment, these are the first vision sensors to combine:

Powerful In-Sight vision tools—proven In-Sight tools that ensure reliable inspection performance in a single setup environment

Easy setup with EasyBuilder®—intuitive point-and-click setup interface

Field interchangeable lighting and optics—easily adapts to virtually any production line environment without the need for external lights

Modular body design—configurable in-line or right-angle mounting provides maximum flexibility in tight spaces

In-Sight 2000 series vision sensor
One winner will receive six In-Sight 2000 vision sensors

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Swivellink Mounting Systems - Intelligently Designed

Swivellink has intelligently designed mounts for virtually all the leading manufacturers' products. Just click the image above to visit the Swivellink website and select "Brand Match" at the top of the page to get started. Need more information and/or pricing? Contact FPE Automation.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

You should work here!

We're looking for an experienced Partner Sensor Sales Engineer who is as awesome as FPE Automation!

Job Responsibility
The Partner Sensor Sales Engineer grows overall partner ID & Sensor business by driving growth through the identification, development, and closing of ID & Sensor business opportunities.  This person owns the total ID & Sensor quota for the Partner.

Job Duties
•    Works with the Partner Sales team to identify and close ID & Sensor opportunities within the Partner account base and new accounts
•    Expected to be customer facing 75% of time demonstrating and presenting ID & Sensor Products with the goal of winning the order
•    Develops a sales plan for each Partner SE’s territory and participates in the execution and monitoring of each plan
•    May have some direct account responsibility
•    Primary interface of the Cognex Sensor & ID Sales team
•    Manages the ID & Sensor Funnel on the Portal (inputs new opportunities, closes won opportunities, and updates current opportunities)
•    Distributes and manages Cognex leads
•    Create the appropriate training plan for the Partner Sales team 
•    In conjunction with the Partner Marketing resources, provides input into the ID & Sensor marketing plan (cold calling, e-blasts, seminars, etc.)

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
•    Demonstrated sales skills (this is a sales person)
•    Ability to present & demo technical products
•    Proven Closing Skills
•    Motivation for Sales
•    Prospecting Skills
•    Sales Planning

Minimum education and work experience required:
•    3-5 years sales experience in factory automation in a high growth company with proven success and experience with hands-on product demonstrations.
•    Requires B.S. degree, preferably in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent occupational experience.

Email us (Resumes only, please)

Piab Introduces a New Aluminum Block Mounted Ejector to its Value Line Series

Double capacity ejector fits popular format

New Piab Value Line® ejector targets low end vacuum systems

Piab is introducing a complement to its range of Value Line® vacuum ejectors. The new aluminum block mounted ejector is dimensioned to emulate a popular ejector format, making it easy to install into many existing systems. Offering improved performance and more energy-efficient operation, the ejector is a cost-effective and easy-to-install alternative for operators of basic automated vacuum systems.

Value Line® is Piab's economy range for less demanding industrial applications that do not warrant the use of Piab's specialist vacuum solutions. So far, the range has included small, light-weight vacuum ejectors in two different designs – inline or T-design.

”The capacity of the new ejector is twice that of our inline ejectors. But the really clever advantage is that it is designed to slot nicely into existing systems, where it will offer better performance and more energy-efficient operation for the same price as competing ejectors. It is the ultimate win-win solution,” comments Joseph Karbassi, Vice President of Piab's Automation Division.

Piab's vacuum ejection technology is based on ejector cartridges that offer improved vacuum performance compared with conventional single-stage ejectors of corresponding size. Hence, energy savings of up to 28 percent can be achieved if the company's Value Line® ejectors are used to replace similar ejectors. Designed without flap valves, the ejectors are highly reliable, even in dirty and dusty environments.

The Value Line® products offer to a new market what Piab has been delivering to its high-end customers for over 60 years – expertise, innovation, and global, uniform delivery and service. Today, the company serves both ends of the market with its advanced and specialized ejector technology solutions, and its range of more basic, standard ejector products.