Monday, January 20, 2020

Work at FPE Automation - We're Interviewing Client Care Representatives

Industrial automation, robotics, AI and vision systems. Work on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology! Not only is FPE an exciting place to work, we're also a great company. Established in 1963, we're Midwestern in our roots and we live & work in the territory we serve. We give back to the community and invest in jobs and the future of U.S. manufacturing. We're a hardworking, dedicated group, loving what we do! If that feels like it's a fit for you, please reach out to us. Apply for a job at FPE Automation.
Why you would want to work for FPE Automation? More manufacturers will be turning to Automation in the next 5 years than ever before. More customers will be focusing on optimizing their current equipment rather than investing in new machinery. This is the future. FPE Automation gets it. We have positioned ourselves to be the lead supplier of automation solutions in our territory. We have handpicked the best support people in the industry to assist our sales force. We have aligned ourselves with the best suppliers who are solution and technology-focused. FPE Automation has ownership involvement in all aspects of our business. We are focused on taking care of our clients and more importantly finding new ones. Are you the right person for FPE Automation? Do you love technology? Are you good with people? Are you motivated to develop strong relationships with customers, our suppliers and employees? If so, we want to talk to you. Is FPE Automation right for you? It is, if you want to work for a company that stands behind you and gives you access to the owners and top management to help you win. It is, of course, if you want to grow financially. FPE Automation is looking for people who have the ability to continually put themselves and their organization in a position to win. You’ll have dozens of people behind you to help you make that happen. We are currently looking for a handful of the right people to join our company, and make it the last stop in your career. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Send your resume to:

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Universal Robots Introduces New Leasing Program

Get ready to grow, compete and profit by increasing automation. 

Automating with Collaborative Robots just got easier. 

The new leasing program from Universal Robots enables all manufacturers, regardless of size, budgets or cash reserves to take advantage of the value, flexibility and competitive advantage made possible by collaborative automation. 


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Machine Vision Workshop Coming to Naperville on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

FPE Automation's popular Machine Vision Concepts: Cognex EasyBuilder Programming one-day workshop will be at Cognex Corporation's Naperville location on Wednesday, February 5, 2020



In-Sight is Cognex’s powerfully and fully integrated vision sensor software. The In-Sight/EasyBuilder® software allows you to connect, configure, emulate, operate, maintain, and expand all from an integrated user environment. With no programming needed, applications are deployed quickly. This includes automatic extraction of features, setting smart parameters and limits.

The In-Sight® Explorer EasyBuilder® interface walks you through the process of setting up your vision application, step by step. Great for all users, regardless of previous experience. 

One-day event offers hands-on training.

We will cover the difference between vision sensors and vision system and other solutions. We’ll discuss general machine vision concepts, lighting, lenses, resolution and other factors you’ll need to consider when engineering a vision system. We’ll go over Cognex In-Sight EasyBuilder programming examples. Then, we’ll finish off the day with a hands-on session with actual parts. Bring your own parts with you! 


Anyone who is responsible for production, quality, automation, maintenance, and system integration or engineering in a manufacturing environment, also interested in learning about machine vision will gain valuable information from their time spent with the vision gurus at FPE Automation and Cognex.

Lunch is provided. Advance registration required. Dates are subject to change. Please check our website for availability. Class space is limited. Class requirements: Bring your own Windows-based laptop.


 Cognex Corporation

     800 E. Diehl Rd. #125
     Naperville, IL 60563


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Vectis Cobot Welding Tool

The American Welding Society is estimating a shortage of 400,000 welders by 2025.

Introducing the Vectis Cobot Welding Tool

An automated flexible welding tool by Vectis Automation that uses collaborative robot technology from Universal Robots, the world's #1 cobot manufacturer, to leverage and boost weld shop productivity and help the industry stay competitive!

• Less cost
• Less risk
• Less setup time

Need more info? 

PDF  Download/view the full brochure.

The Vectis Cobot Welder can:

 Reduce your lead times
 Lower your costs
• Increase shop capacity
 Help grow sales
 Soften the blow of the skilled labor shortage
 Reduce post-ops
 Increase quality
 Improve safety
 Reduce operator fatigue

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

New Machine Safety Course Available

FPE Automation is proud to offer a new Machine Safety course at its training facility. Introducing...

Safeguarding Fundamentals with Omron

One-day workshop offers hands-on training.

The session will introduce you to the requirements, methods, and practical application of machine and process safeguarding. You will be introduced to applicable regulatory requirements to help you identify and assess machine safety risks, deploy safeguarding concepts based on identified risks and participate in a basic machine guarding inspection process of your equipment. 

Lunch will be served.

A practical approach to risk assessment and risk reduction.

  • Identifying machine and process hazards
  • Identifying safeguarding requirements
  • Safety circuits / control reliability
  • Hierarchy of controls / safeguarding methods
  • Muting vs. bypassing
  • Requirements for barrier guards
  • Stop time measurements & safety distance formulas
  • Types of stops
  • General requirements of machine tools
  • Workshop (team risk assessment on shop floor)


Universal Robots Year-End Tax Credits

You may be eligible for a significant tax deduction from the Federal Government for the purchase of a cobot. 

Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code allows US businesses to take a significant tax deduction for qualified equipment that is put into service by December 31, 2019. That includes collaborative robots (cobots).

But you have to act quickly... 

Universal Robots guarantees year-end delivery for cobot orders received and processed by mid-December. You can buy, finance or lease a UR collaborative robot and save a substantial amount of money! 

If you want to take advantage of the tax credit, talk to your tax professional and contact FPE Automation ASAP for a quote!


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Friday, November 1, 2019

Authorized Universal Robots UR CORE Training - New Dates Added

FPE Automation Authorized Universal Robots UR CORE Training

FPE Automation is an authorized UR CORE training facility. We've just added new dates to our schedule for this popular 2-day training. Learn how to program and deploy the world's #1 collaborative robot in a hands-on, relaxed setting.