Tuesday, March 1, 2016

QC Industries Expands Custom Engineering Capabilities

QC Industries, LLC

Custom Conveyors

If you're looking for something a little different than a standard conveyor, QC has just expanded its ability to customize one for you. Whether it's a simple bracket to integrate with a customized piece of equipment, a custom drive package, or a modification to one of our conveyors to fit your application parameters — FPE and QC can help.

Here are just a few custom solutions QC Industries has created.



AS40 with Backlight
The conveyors can be modified to accept a wide variety of customer-specified backlights for vision applications. When coupled with a translucent belt, the conveyor creates an ideal platform for inspection as parts travel past.


Custom Stands & Side Tables

Custom Side Tables and Stands
QC is often asked to design special stands to accommodate each customer's unique requirements. In this pack-off line, candy came in from the wrapping machines and was packed by hand into boxes coming in from the box erector. The filled boxes then left on a third line of conveyors for shrink wrapping. The application required custom stands and stainless steel side tables where operators packed the boxes.


Multiple Bands

AS40 with Two Belts
In this application, the customer needed to perform an operation on the bottom of a part as it moved across the conveyor. QC's solution involved running two belts on the conveyor with a cutout between them. The part straddled the two belts and a robot performed the operation from below through the cutout.


Elevator Conveyors

For an application that required product to move across a healthcare packaging plant, QC devised an elevator system to elevate the bins to move overhead across the plant. The system consisted of two 300 Series Indexing Conveyors with an InnerDrive Conveyor mounted between them. After bins moved onto the InnerDrive Conveyor, the 300 Series conveyors moved in tandem to raise the InnerDrive Conveyor, which then moved the bins onto the overhead conveyor system.
Watch a video of this system in action

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