Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Universal Robots: Collaborative Robot Case Study

“The robot has to be as delicate and as sensitive as a human"

This was the challenge Paradigm Electronics in Toronto faced when looking for a robotic solution to handle the finish polishing of loudspeakers. The Canadian manufacturer also needed the robot to operate in tandem with employees, so fencing it was not an option. The collaborative UR robots - or co-bots - met these criteria delivering a 50% production increase.

"The Universal Robot was not only the best for the job, it was also the most cost efficient," concluded John Phillips, Paradigm's Senior Manager of Production Services.

The UR co-bots lowered the automation barrier for Paradigm and continues to get robotics within reach of users not only in manufacturing, but also in industries such as healthcare and agriculture. We're expanding our local presence to better serve these new and existing markets, moving into new locations in Dallas, Southern California and Ann Arbor, Michigan, which will become our new headquarter for Americas.
We look forward to discuss how Universal Robots might optimize your production.

All the best,
Scott Mabie
General Manager of
Universal Robots’ Americas Region

Watch how a UR10 robot in force mode polishes Paradigm speakers:

The UR robots have a built-in, adjustable force mode feature that is easily pre-programmed for specific applications.

“If too much force is applied, the surface heats and the results go the opposite direction to what you’d hoped. Having the ability for the robot to work to a specific force was a huge advantage. We were aware of technologies that allowed for a force feedback system but they were actually as expensive as the entire UR robot." 
~ John Phillips, Senior Manager of Production Services, Paradigm Electronics.

Universal Robots gives Paradigm Electronics these advantages:
  • Productivity increase of 50% with better manufacturing consistency
  • Elimination of bottlenecks in production of labor intensive loudspeakers.
  • Fast implementation with user-friendly programming and set-up
  • Improved work environment with most strenuous polishing tasks now automated 
  • Payback period between 12 and 14 months

A demo at your door

Do you have an automation challenge? Does you production need to be optimized? Do you need to relieve your employees from monotonous and strenuous tasks? If you answer is “yes” to any of these questions, request a demo at your own facility for hands-on insights to how our robots can assist you. FPE Automation has invested in Universal Robots so we can bring one right to your door! Robots are on the road daily, traveling to companies just like yours. Contact FPE to schedule a demo.

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