Monday, February 1, 2016

Introducing Smart Vision Lights (SVL)

FPE Automation Introduces Smart Vision Lights (SVL)
We're pleased to announce the addition of Smart Vision Lights to our world-class and award-winning product catalog. Think lighting solutions for machine vision applications. Smart Vision Lights delivers more advanced illumination products and specialty lighting. Check them out here.

Some of the latest news from SVL:

Smart Vision Lights’ LLP Backlights Double Intensity

Smart Vision Lights’ Large Light Panel (LLP) backlights are edge-lit backlights that feature four-sided LED illumination for twice the intensity of our original versions. The clear anodized thin profile frame is more industrial than ever. This increased rigidity and improved mounting system offer an advanced rugged design. The LLPs feature a built-in driver with NPN-PNP triggering, analog intensity control, and the ability to run the light in constant or strobe mode. Standard sizing is available from 300mm x 300mm to 1800mm x 1200mm. Custom sizes are also available.

Smart Vision Lights Dome Light Mentioned in Vision Systems Design

A dome light made by Smart Vision Lights was mentioned in a recent article in Vision Systems Design. The article was about a system that St. Louis machine vision company EPIC Systems developed for a major producer of soft drinks that allows 900 6-ounce plastic bottles of fruit juice to be inspected per minute. EPIC used three In-Sight 5600 smart cameras from Cognex in the process, and the DLPW 300 x 300mm flat dome light from Smart Vision Lights enabled the cameras to better view the top of a bottle cap being inspected. 

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