Monday, September 28, 2015

Plastic Bottle Blowers - NEW from PHD: A stretching cylinder that mounts in the same space, but does more!

PHD is pleased to release the Series BCSU Universal Stretching Cylinder for the plastic bottle blowing industry. The new Series BCSU Cylinder expands our proven series of Sidel® solutions.

Series BCSU Universal Stretching Cylinders are direct replacements for Sidel® Universal Machines. These cylinders mount into the same space and bolt patterns, provide significantly longer service life, and reduce maintenance and downtime in stretch blow molding applications. Units are field repairable and feature alloy steel piston rods and urethane piston and rod seals for maximum life and durability.

Series BCSU Benefits:
  • Mounts into same space and bolt patterns
  • Provides significantly longer life and reduces maintenance
  • Internal shock pads are standard
  • Cushion controls are standard for retract end of stroke deceleration
  • Field repairable
  • -X27 PHD inline check option provides long life check seal and is designed to prevent the stretch rod from dropping during maintenance
  • Provides a single unit pricing advantage over the Unique Solution Universal ML Cylinders sold previously
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