Friday, September 18, 2015

Launch of piCOMPACT®23 - A product that revolutionizes the market of air driven vacuum pumps!

Piab announces the launch of piCOMPACT®23
Do you want to eliminate vacuum related downtime in your production?

The piCOMPACT®23 is now being complemented by the new even more powerful and larger COAX® SX42 cartridge. With both SX12 and SX42 in place, the piCOMPACT®23 family is complete from a vacuum performance point of view. The capacity span will cover single-stage ejectors from 1.2mm – 3.0mm and still offer up to 50% lower energy consumption. An additional “top silencer” is also released to suit the SX42 (needed for all piCOMPACT®23 with SX42).

Price and availability

The piCOMPACT®23 will be launched globally on and also orderable from FPE by September 21st with an estimated delivery time of 3 weeks. 

Stay tuned for even more new features! 

In early to mid 2016, Piab plans to add:

 - Latching/bi-stable vacuum on/off valve
- Split units
- Stacked/manifold mount (4 units maximum)
- Blow-off+ (Extra powerful blow-off) High level communication (I/O-link)

Download/view the piCOMPACT®23 brochure in PDF Format.

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