Monday, April 15, 2013

New Product Announcement from PHD

PHD introduces the new Series GRV Compact Precision Angular Pneumatic Gripper.

PHD GRV Compact Precision Angular Pneumatic Gripper - Now Available at Fluid Power Engineering.
Series GRV Compact Precision Angular Pneumatic Gripper
New from PHD Inc.
Contact FPE for pricing.

The Series GRV is a compact, rugged precision gripper available in four sizes that can support large moment capacities and long tooling lengths. The combination of design and features makes the GRV a superior choice for a wide variety of automation applications. A slim design allows ample space for “stacking” grippers in a confined area.

The Series GRV Gripper features:
>> robust construction to ensure long operating life
>> precision dowel pin holes to ensure the accurate alignment of tooling and gripper mounting
>> standard internal flow control, with no external flow control required
>> “switch-ready” for easy integration of optional magnetic position sensing switches
>> a teachable two-position switch that allows multiple positions on small grippers within the profile of the gripper

Other benefits include cleanroom fluoro-elastomer seals and lube options, manifold porting, multiple mounting locations, and PHD’s superior delivery.

The Series GRV Angular Gripper is available now at Fluid Power Engineering. Contact FPE for ordering information/pricing.

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