Friday, April 12, 2013

Award Winning Service x 2

Recognition from a top client...

Fluid Power Engineering wins Gold Supplier Award.
FPE's Steve Kocmond proudly accepts the Gold Supplier Award.
CONGRATULATIONS to FPE's Steve Kocmond, Barry Allen and the rest of the team. For several years in a row now, Fluid Power Engineering has been the proud recipient of the Gold Supplier Award at one of our best clients. Last night, Steve accepted the award once again on FPE's behalf.

We work hard to provide a level of service that meets such high standards, and we're honored to be recognized in this way.

... and from our top supplier.

It was also announced this morning that Steve Kocmond is recipient of the Mac Distributor of the Month award for March 2013! Steve helped a different client overcome some challenges with valves and wiring in their plant, and was able to streamline a previously time-consuming process by suggesting a
37 Series circuit bar® pre-wired by FPE that uses just one cord set. The result? Time and cost elimiated for the client. That's our biggest reward of all!

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