Monday, February 25, 2013

This just in from PHD Inc. - Series KG Impact Sensor

To kick off 2013, PHD is excited to release a new impact sensor! The Series KG Impact Sensor and Programmer  provides predictive maintenance and monitoring of equipment performance. Be sure you check out this new product!

Also, be sure to take a look at our accompanying interactive animations featuring the Series KG Sensor and Programmer and see how they can help your plant avoid downtime and costly machine crashes.

To your continued automation success!

The PHD Team

Product Spotlight
The new PHD Series KG Impact Sensor easily attaches to and monitors any piece of equipment that has motion. Featuring single-axis/bi-directional sensitivity, the sensor attaches to the moving part of a machine or device and monitors impact. A PLC can interpret the signal to warn of erratic operation or shut down a system to prevent catastrophic failure. Using the KG Programmer, the KG Impact Sensor can measure an impact and relay that value to the user. A single programmer has the ability to service an unlimited number of impact sensors throughout an entire plant. PHD Series KG Impact Sensor Uses:
  • Predictive maintenance device
    • Detects change in impact force
    • Can help to reduce unanticipated downtime
    • Minimizes unnecessary preventive maintenance
  • Productivity tripwire
    • Flags appropriate personnel of machine crash
    • Indicates when machine has crashed
    • Stops production of bad parts
  • Benchmarking
    • Measures impact (programmer required)
    • Counts impacts or extreme vibration (<400hz)
    • Monitors centripetal forces
Visit for complete product information!
Animation Spotlight
Have you ever experienced product loss or production downtime due to damage caused by excessive impact of a fluid power actuator or other mechanical device? Have you ever wished there was an inexpensive way to monitor and safeguard your equipment? Take a look at PHD's latest animation to learn how we can help with this exciting new device.
Three highly interactive animations effectively demonstrate:
  • Overview of Series KG Sensor Applications
  • Series KG Sensor Signal Examples
  • Sensor Programming Process
Check out PHD's site to see these and other exciting and informative product demonstrations!

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