Friday, February 15, 2013

Award Winning

And the Mac Valves Distributor of the Month Award for January 2013 goes to... Fluid Power Engineering - x2!

It's an exceptional day here at FPE. For the first time since Mac Valves began awarding a Distributor of the Month in the mid 1980s, FPE is the recipient of TWO separate Mac Distributor of the Month awards in the same month. During the month of January, FPE's Scott Porter and Scott Nielsen both received this prestigious award. FPE's Joe Judge also deserves an assist and a mention, since the award won By Scott Porter was an indirect result of Joe's success a few months back.

We're not sure if a distributor has ever won two awards in the same month, but if so, it's exceedingly rare.

The recipients of this award retrofit machines or come up with alternative solutions for manufacturing plants. Their solutions can eliminate a wide range of problems, increase efficiency and save FPE's clients big money.

Congratulations to Scott Nielsen, Scott Porter and Joe Judge!!!

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