Thursday, August 29, 2019

MiR's RaaS Leasing Option Makes AMRs Affordable and Accessible

Deploying autonomous mobile robots from MiR may be a more attainable goal than you think.

Robots as a Service (RaaS) is a leasing option from Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). It allows companies of any size—from small start-ups to multinational enterprises— to deploy mobile robot solutions with low (or no) upfront costs and low monthly payments. RaaS lowers financial barriers for investing in AMRs and gives customers a near immediate return on investment (ROI).

Mobile industrial collaborative robots free workers up to do higher-value tasks. Because they are safe and easy to deploy, their popularity is increasing quickly. Discover why!

Talk to the experts at FPE Automation.

More information about MiR's RaaS leasing program is available here.

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