Friday, August 17, 2018

Introducing the MAC Valves MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform

An Exciting Product Announcement from MAC Valves

The All-New MI/O-67 Fieldbus Platform

We are pleased to announce the release and availability of the MAC MI/O-67® Fieldbus™ family of products. The initial release includes several different protocol options and several modules, a complete system package! 

• EtherNet/IP®
• EtherCAT®
• Modbus/TCP®

• MI/O-67® will utilize existing MAConnect® technology with MI/O-67® specific part numbers
• Digital, Analog and PowerPlus™ modules to accommodate any I/O or additional valves needed
• Designed to meet IP67 washdown specifications (with appropriate valve series modifications).

Contact your FPE Automation Solution Specialist for series options, ordering guides, pricing and additional information. 



  1. can you plz tell me how we can control any valve through this device and how manay types of valves can control at same time

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