Wednesday, May 2, 2018

FPE Automation Live at mHUB with Universal Robots

From mHUB in Chicago: 9-year-old girl programs the Universal Robot

By Sandia Harrison
Photos: Joey Bardos

FPE Automation visited mHUB today with our traveling robot.
Yes, it's that easy to program a Universal Robot. Pictured here, Kallie, a 3rd grader from Chicago takes over and easily gets the Universal Robot to do what she wants it to do.

But the open house was not just for school-aged children. In fact, it was created for, and mostly attended by, local business people interested in automating. Back in the early days of industrial robots, they were big and dangerous. They worked inside metal cages so that no workers would get hurt if something went wrong. Collaborative robots, or cobots, are the future. Smaller and safer, they are designed to work alongside humans and take over some of manufacturing's more repetitive tasks. They're cost-effective and reduce workplace injuries by eliminating laborious, repetitive tasks. 

Missed the mHUB event? FPE Automation's traveling cobot can come to your plant for a demonstration. More information on that here.

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