Thursday, March 16, 2017

FPE Automation Live with Universal Robots at a Local St. Louis School

FPE Automation's Samir Shaikh and Jason Vilmer are helping out a local St. Louis school today, doing a live spot on robotics with Universal Robots A/S collaborative robots.

Whether their purpose is to win a skills contest, vacuum the floor, perform surgery, or deliver a package, robots today are much more versatile than their scary counterparts from 1930’s science fiction films. How are robots designed and built to succeed at so many diverse tasks? What does it take to program a robot? And what is the future of robots, what will they be able to do tomorrow that they can’t do today? Explore these questions and more as we investigate The Science Behind Robots on March 16, 2017. To obtain more details about the program including related curriculum standards, program objectives and agenda, pre and post program learning activities, and additional video and web resources related to the program, click on Educational Material. This program is targeted to students in grades 6-9.

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