Thursday, August 18, 2016

Mencom Introduces New lock designs to secure MIN Series Connections for Harsh Manufacturing Environments

New 7/8" & 1 3/8" MIN Series Connector Locks from Mencom

Secure MIN Series Connections from Accidental Interruptions
MIN lock and lockout
Connection failures can be caused by various reasons, such as excess temperature, excess current or voltage, mechanical shock, stress and impact. Sometimes, however, the failure is caused by the careless access of unauthorized or unlicensed personnel to the connectors, which could lead to injuries or downtime. This could cause a significant loss in time and money.
Mencom MIN series locks are designed to secure the connection between two straight MIN plugs or between a straight MIN plug and a mating receptacle to prevent the unexpected interruptions. The padlock hole ensures the extra layered protection by allowing only authorized users to have an access to the connectors. Once the padlock is removed, the locks can be opened by inserting a small flat-blade screwdriver into the slot.
The MIN locks for Plug-to-Receptacle connection from Mencom is available in both MIN size I (7/8") and PMIN (1 3/8") series. The Plug-to-Plug connection is currently available only in PMIN (1 3/8") series. Mencom also offers the protective lockout for MIN size I (7/8") plugs.

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