Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Cleats for QC Conveyors are Stronger, With a Rounded Top Edge

QC Industries redesigns cleated belts for conveyors, including their popular HydroClean sanitary series
New! Stronger Cleats

QC Industries has upgraded the design of their cleated belts. The new cleats have thicker walls that are stronger and less likely to bend under the weight of product. They feature a rounded top edge and a base that's not flared but maintains the same weld strength as our previous cleats.

These cleats are available now in the Conveyor Configurator

The new cleats are available in 1/2", 1", 2" and 3" heights (our existing 5mm square cleat is also still available). They will be welded during the manufacturing process to either MAA or MAE base belts depending on the type of conveyor. Industrial Series conveyors use MAA material, while Automation Series conveyors use MAE or MVE (MAE with a V-Guide added). Sanitary Series conveyors use the MVE base material.

Start configuring a cleated conveyor today! 

Old cleats may still be ordered on replacement belts by typing the part number into the Conveyor Configurator's "Part Search" option. At this time, the new cleats are not available on AS40Z conveyors, 125Z Series conveyors or Corrugated Sidewall belts.

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