Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fluid Power Engineering Now the Exclusive HyperCyl Distributor!

Exciting news! Fluid Power Engineering has entered into an official agreement to be the exclusive distributor of the HyperCyl line of products in Illinois, the Quad Cities, Iowa region and the greater Saint Louis area.

HyperCyl manufactures hydra-pneumatic cylinders, actuators and presses. HyperCyl products are environmentally friendly and reasonably-priced. They use a fraction of the electricity of hydraulic presses. There is a place for HyperCyl products in virtually every segment of industrial production, from clean-room medical and electronic component manufacturing to heavy industrial piercing and forming.
Fluid Power Engineering (FPE) is a local distributor of industrial controls and pneumatic products. Established in 1963, FPE celebrated its 50th anniversary in business last year. Both FPE and HyperCyl include numerous Fortune 500 corporations in their client base. FPE has been a distributor of HyperCyl products for approximately 20 years. FPE's engineers are well-versed in the product line and comfortable troubleshooting applications involving HyperCyl components. This new, exclusive agreement takes this longstanding, successful partnership to the next level.

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