Monday, July 15, 2013

Introducing the Murr Modlink MSDD Interface System

The Modlink MSDD interface system makes it easy to access controls in the cabinet when the time comes for in-plant or machinery diagnostics and servicing. With Modlink the cabinet can remain closed and the components inside can continue to operate with their required level of protection. This helps you maintain compliance with all necessary safety regulations. Simply snap the appropriate GFCI circuit breaker into the frame. Then, if the switch trips, it can be reset without having to open the cabinet.

Available in both a single and double frame size with a choice of cover (transparent, silver or fiberglass reinforced gray), Modlink MSDD is suitable for applications in a wide variety of environments. The covers come with a choice of locking mechanism, either a 3mm double-bit key or a knob. Both help the cover and frame meet IP65 requirements thus making the insert resistant to dirt, dust and humidity. The newly redesigned cover has a spring mechanism that lifts an open lid 30°. This allows you to see at a glance that it is open and reminds you to close it when finished.

The modular system is based on a two parts: frames and inserts. With over 4000 combinations of frames and inserts, Modlink allows manufacturers to react to country specific requirements without having to rework the size of the housing each time. The cutout dimensions, which have remained the same even though the frame has a new look, are standard across the product line no matter which insert you choose for your application. This makes it easy for both designers and installers to work with Modlink MSDD.

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New Features and Frames = More Options

FPE has the Modlink tabletop demo in-house now! Interested in seeing it? Let us know. We'll bring it to you!

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