Tuesday, January 28, 2020

FPE Automation is appointed as AutoGuide Mobile Robots Distributor in Illinois, Iowa and Missouri

FPE Automation is excited to announce a new partnership!

Introducing AutoGuide

AutoGuide is a leading manufacturer of heavy payload autonomous mobile robots, including driverless forklifts and other Automated Guided Vehicles for assembly, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

AutoGuide is an industry leader in High-Payload Autonomous Mobile Robotic Solutions. They design and manufacture pallet stackers, tugs and forklifts. Best of all? They are built and stocked in the USA. 

There is no doubt that collaborative robots are the future of industry. Products like these are helping American manufacturers stay competitive on a global scale. They are often the answer to labor shortages. Filling in where the job is too dangerous, dirty or dull for a human. Collaborative means that they operate right alongside us. Keeping our facilities, and the people who work in them, safe. Robots also work around the clock, providing excellent return on investment. 

It's technology that makes sense. That's why businesses of all sizes are turning to companies like AutoGuide.

AutoGuide is a subsidiary of Teradyne. That's the same parent company of other top-tier FPE Automation partners, Universal Robots and MiR, mobile industrial robots. Solid existing relationships and FPE’s industry expertise will help to make this new partnership even stronger. 

FPE Automation is thrilled to welcome AutoGuide to their portfolio of cutting-edge automation products. 


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