Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In-Sight 2000 series Color Vision Sensors & In-Sight 5.3 Software

New product launch from Cognex:

Cognex is pleased to announce the release of In-Sight 2000 series Color Vision Sensors in conjunction with the supporting In-Sight 5.3 Software. This solution offers the ability to inspect applications requiring presence/absence verification of colors on parts, assemblies, kits and product packaging. Now there's an In-Sight 2000 series model to solve virtually any simple error-proofing application in automotive, food and beverage, consumable products and many other manufacturing industries.

In-Sight 2000 Color Product Overview

In-Sight 2000 color sensors are available in two standard models, the 2000-120C and the 2000-130C. Both models ship with the standard 8 mm/f2.5 lens and the white LED ring light with diffuser cover. Both models have the same tools and features as their monochrome model counterparts, except the Color Pixel Count tool replaces the grayscale Pixel Count tool. And like the 2000-130 monochrome model, the Measurement and Counting tools on the 2000-130C model can output numeric results (new with In-Sight 5.3!). The following table provides an overview of the expanded line-up of standard In-Sight 2000 series models:

In-Sight 5.3 Software Overview

In-Sight 5.3 software is available now! In-Sight 2000 color vision sensors will ship with 5.3.0 firmware installed, and are compatible with In-Sight 5.3 software. The primary objectives for this release is to support the new In-Sight 2000 series color models, but it also adds key I/O and communications features to the In-Sight 5705/5705C and 8000 series vision systems. Download at or directly through this link.

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