Monday, May 9, 2016

Cognex: Read Challenging Codes Using Image Formation Technology

Image formation system optimizes hard to read codes

Codes on round, reflective, or specular surfaces, low resolution codes, and codes at long working distances can be read quickly and easily thanks to Cognex modular technology. Available on DataMan® 150/260 series readers:
  • 16 mm lens—compared to the standard 6.2 mm lens, this lens can read smaller codes and codes at further working distances.
  • Liquid lens technology—fast, variable autofocusing ideal for changing reading distances and quick setup.
  • High-powered integrated light (HPIL)—more light for better image formation.
  • Half-polarized front cover—custom polarized/ unpolarized lighting for any application.
Find out how the DataMan 150/260 series image-based industrial ID readers can help your company beat the competition!


For more information on image-based barcode readers and other Cognex products:
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